Replacing Space Crusade Aliens with something else

First, we need blips.

EBay Bingo Chips:
100pcs Clear Transparent Plastic Bingo Chips 1.9 cm - Green Price:
C $2.85

Stick white paper labels with the miniature silhouette and points value on one side of the bingo chip. You get a sense of "blip" from the green transparent plastic. I got 100 green and 100 red, so that gives me 3 sets of 32 green blips + 32 red reinforcement blips. I can have the original mix, a Ork/Kanz/Cybork/Cyborg ship. and a Dark Eldar ship with EM4 Mechs. Or whatever miniatures you have.
You could print copies of the original blips too of course, but the bingo chips don't require printing and cutting.

You might want to replace the Chaos Marines with Orks or Androids to reduce the species count. Or replace the Greenskins with Androids or Chaos Cultists.
Buy some weird minis on eBay and make blips for them:

The EM4 Mechs above are £5 for 10. So you can replace the greenskins with 10 androids, for a Chaos Android ship. Or replace the Chaos Marines with Ork Nobz, for an Orky ship, I can replace the androids with the Cybork above. Make up a movement allowance, armor value, Hand-to-Hand dice, and ranged attack dice. You can put the stats on the base, maybe 8,2,2 White, 2 Red for the EM4 mechs. Make up a point value to put on the blip. The total point value of the blips should be about the same as the original game. Make up reinforcement blips with a different label color (or transparent red bingo chips, which double as flame markers), with comparable points to the original game.

The ship will be the same, optionally separate the boards and add corridors:
Four 2x6 corridors would do. I have Space Hulk 4thEd, so the corridors are ready. You could print out new boards and make the originals double sided.
"Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Basic" is a plastic sheet of 1" squares (the right size) larger than the original playing area, so you could put the 4 boards on top of the Pathfinder mat and draw in the corridors.
 Here is my "Space Hulk Crusade" foamboard creation, with paper stats on the Starcraft bases:

No actual rule changes so far, just unit data. If I were going to have rule changes they would be:

Fluff: If someone is about to shoot you, but you are on a corner, you might be able to duck around the corner.

Rule: If you get shot and you lose a life point, and you could move 1 square North/South/East/West to be out of Line of Sight of the shooter, roll a die. If the result is 1 or 2, 1 lifepoint is instantly restored.

Comment: Hugging corners provides protection. So skillful tactical planning is rewarded. You can outflank your opponent so he has no place to hide.

Rule: Each Marine chapter gets 1 Overwatch token. Each Alien unit type (Grechkin, Ork, Android, Chaos, Dreadnought, not Genestealer) gets 1 overwatch token each. The miniature with the token may fire once during the turn of its enemy at any target that moves in its Line of Sight. If the target is out of sight after moving its first square, it cannot be targeted. Dreadnoughts may only fire their least effective weapon (Heavy Bolters) on Overwatch.
The token is placed beside one miniature at the end of the player turn, and removed when a miniature fires on Overwatch, or at the start of the player's turn.

Overwatch favors the defender, but also those with the most heavy weapons. If the Dreadnought got to fire all its weapons twice in one turn it would be unfair, so just the bolters.

If the above 2 rules are combined, the target of Overwatch can use the cover rule for protection.

Overwatch and the corners rule above provide a tactical puzzle in each combat turn, a bit closer to Space Hulk. So clever manoeuvre becomes as important as firepower in Space Crusade.

Weakest Link

On the campaign, if the least successful player is 2 ranks behind the most successful, they get promoted a rank to give them a chance.

Replacing Space Crusade Marines with something else.

In which simple cards modify the abilities of a Space Crusade Marine Squad, giving it the abilities of a different race or army. There are no new rules, except for the cards, so nothing to remember.

You may have some other Scfi Miniatures; you could take 5 of them, and replace 5 Space Marines with your Necrons, Daleks, Steampunk Aquanauts, or whatever. But you would need rules and cards for them, like Eldar Attack, so it would be a lot of work.
One simple approach is to say they are basically Blood Angels, but substitute new Order and Equipment cards for some of the Blood Angels cards. For example, you would have some kind of Berserker Order card and Equipment card, to allow your guys to make at least one rush into frenzied hand-to-hand combat.
The cards can be simple, even handwritten:

ORDER CARD Berserkers!
Entering an uncontrollable frenzy, Berserkers throw caution to the wind in close combat.
Each Squad member rolls exactly 2 red die for every hand-to-hand attack roll for this turn. Add 3 to movement allowance for the turn. During the enemy turn, the enemy may re-roll one die of every attack roll it makes. Discard this card after use.

This would be good for Khorne Berserkers, and also Orcs.

For Dark Eldar, or generic "Evil Dudes":

The Squad is compelled to feed their unholy appetites for other sentient beings' souls, a terrible desire called the Thirst.
If your Squad kills 2 living enemies on one turn (Not Android), each squad member gets to roll an extra red die on every attack roll in the next turn.

ORDER CARD Combat Drugs!
Combat Drugs turn your squad into frenzied killers.
For 1 turn, every squad member’s ranged attack gets 1 extra white die, every hand-to-hand attack gets an extra red die. Movement allowance is increased by 3 for the turn.
Discard this card after use.

Orks could use the Combat Drugs card too, except that you would call it WAAAGH!.

Special weapons can be abstracted out:

ORDER CARD Combi Weapons!
Combi-weapons are derived from the integration of multiple different weapon types into a single weapon.
Each non-heavy weapon squad member may fire a Plasma Rifle or a Flamer (if available) instead of their normal weapon this turn.
 Discard this card after use.

EQUIPMENT CARD Executioner Axe!
This is a rare master-crafted heavy bladed Power Axe.
If the Commander has an axe, he may roll 1 extra red die in hand-to-hand.

This is a rare master-crafted heavy bladed Power Axe.
The rocket launcher only affects 1 square, but it rolls 2 red and 1 white dice. This is a "free" card in addition to the existing Equipment Cards.

This is an advanced form of powered armour developed for close-quarters melee fighting.
All Squad Members have Armor of 3, and roll one red and one white die in Hand-to-hand.
All Squad members have a move of 5, even with heavy weapons.
This card replaces all other equipment cards.

This Chaos Marine of Tzeentch just has a Bolter, so we will give him a free Mark of Fear, because he has a funny thing on a stick:

The Commander holds a Battle Standard which terrifies the enemy.

Any enemy about to move into line of sight of the Commander must roll a white die. If the result is 0, the enemy unit may continue. On a 1 or 2 its turn ends, not entering line of sight of the Commander. Androids are immune to this card.

You can wallpaper over rules you don't like:

An electronic scanner gives a one second of warning of nearby non-human intelligence.
When a Genestealer first attacks, it does so with only 1 red die.

Different Species:

EQUIPMENT CARD Horde Mentality!
Your squad gangs up on enemy individuals, tearing them asunder.
If one of your squad loses or draws in hand-to-hand, another of your squad within 4 squares may take a free move and a free
 hand-to-hand attack on the enemy concerned.

You swap the extra cards with the existing Space Marine chapter cards. You may give a squad a free card as you see fit. You can buy an extra card if you reduce the Commander's health to 3. It is probably better to give your squad abilities that reflect their background than to be perfectly balanced.
The basic weapon will be a bolter, or a red and white dice for hand-to-hand only.
Heavy weapons will be the same as Space Crusade, but you can modify one of the weapons with a "free" card like the Laser Lance above.
The Commander will make a weapon choice that is the closest to his actual abilities. The Power Sword/Claw can be a tentacle or whatever.

You make up your own cards to suit your team.

ORDER CARD Overwatch!
Your squad stands ready to ambush.
Each Squad member may fire during this enemy turn, once every time an enemy becomes newly visible. 
Discard this card after use.

ORDER CARD Combined Fire!
Concentrate small arms fire on a particularly strong target.
All weapons may combine their dice rolls if they can all see the target. Not Heavy or Special Weapons. Discard this card after use.

Your squad takes cover from heavy fire.
Each Squad member may make an extra move at any time during the Enemy turn.
Discard this card after use.

EQUIPMENT CARD Mark of Courage!
The Leader holds a Battle Standard which inspires his Squad to greater things.
Any Squad member within 1 square of the Commander may re-roll 1 die on any dice roll they make.

ORDER CARD Outflank!
The Squad executes a well-rehearsed attack drill.
Each Squad member may move the full amount, fire and move the full amount again.
Discard this card after use.

EQUIPMENT CARD Artificer Armor!
Ancient armor technology gives increased freedom of movement in combat.
All weapons except heavy weapons and special weapons roll an extra white dice in hand-to-hand combat.
Each Squad member may move the full amount, fire and move the full amount again.

A light squad may go prone to make itself harder to hit.
If no one in the Squad moves during this turn, the Squad may declare "Prone", All Enemy may be force to re-roll 1 die on any ranged attack dice roll they make on a "Prone" squad. The Squad may be forced to re-roll 1 die on any dice roll they make in Hand-to-Hand combat if they have declared "Prone".

Flamethrowers burn an area for the rest of the turn.
The Plasma rifle is replaced by a Flamer. The Flamer is a Missile launcher, but you place a marker in all 9 squares affected. R
e-roll the dice again to attack any friend or enemy who moves into any marked square. Flame markers block LOS. Remove the markers at the end of the turn. If the Flamer is fired in one turn, it cannot be fired on the next turn.
Comment: If you can use the flamer every turn, you can just burn your way down the corridor until the Genestealer gets the flamer guy. Somewhat overpowered.

Senior Officers:

EQUIPMENT CARD Apothecary Commander!
The Apothecary retrieves gene-seed from slain Marines and tends to the wounded and maimed.
If a Marine is killed, and the Commander ends his turn adjacent to that marine, roll a white die. If the result is "2", the Marine is brought back to life at the end of the Marine turn. If the result is a "1", the gene-seed is recovered, so the alien player does not get the miniature, and gets no points from the kill, even though the miniature is removed from play. A "0" means the Marine dies normally.

EQUIPMENT CARD Chaplain Commander!
He leads from the fore, rejoicing in the righteous slaughter of his enemies.
Any 2 Marines Adjacent to the Commander may re-roll one die of their choice when attacking.

Dark Eldar and World Eaters example, plus blank cards:

Pistols: The Commander may have a cutting weapon and one hand and a pistol in the other. A simple pistol rule is that a pistol is the same as a full-size Bolter/Plasma Rifle/Melta, but the target gets a saving roll. Each target that is killed or reduced in life points by a pistol gets to roll a white die. If they get a 1 or a 2, the shot actually missed, 0 is a normal hit. A pistol is never a Heavy Weapon. 
Optionally, no saving roll, Commanders are just very good shots.
A flame pistol might have to be a 1-shot Heavy Flamer, since it holds a small amount of Promethium.

Solo/Co-op Space Crusade

A way of playing Space Crusade solo, or with 2 or 3 Marine players and no Alien Player. "Blip Cards" allow random placement of Aliens so that you know how many are in the room, but not what kind they are until the card is turned over. Blips in a room may randomly lurk or go on the offensive. That's about it. You can play 1, 2 or 3 marine teams.

Set up Blip Cards:
A Blip Card has the number of blips on the back (5, 4, or 3) and a list of 5, 4 or 3 aliens on the front.
The list is called a "Blip Group", and they act as a team. Try to keep them together as a distinct team.
You can use 3x5 index cards cut in half, or print something fancy. Translucent green bingo chips with a sticker on 1 side are a possibility, they would be "blip-like".
If you say that each of the 4 boards has its own corridor, then there 24 rooms and corridors.
Take the 16 blip cards detailed below, and place 8 with 16 blank cards (total 24), shuffle and place 1 in each room/corridor, whenever that board is initially scanned. The Blip cards are placed with the Alien list face down and the 3/4/5 showing. The blank cards are blank on both sides, so you know which rooms are empty.

5-Blip Cards:
  1. 5 Gretchen
  2. 5 Gretchen
  3. 5 Ork
  4. 5 Ork
  5. Chaos Commander, 3 Chaos Bolters, 1 Chaos Missile Launcher
  6. 4 Gretchen, 1 Android

4-Blip Cards:
  1. 3 Gretchen, 1 Dreadnought
  2. 4 Ork
  3. 4 Android
  4. 3 Chaos Bolters, 1 Chaos Missile Launcher
3-Blip Cards:
  • 3 Gretchen
  • 3 Gretchen
  • 3 Gretchen
  • 1 Gretchen, 2 Orks
  • 1 Gretchkin, 1 Android, 1 Chaos Commander
  • 2 Androids, 1 Dreadnought
(Notice that every miniature occurs twice above, so you use half the cards at the start, the other half are the reinforcement pool).

When the board is scanned, all the rooms/corridors have cards, some blank, some Blip cards with 3/4/5 on the backs. So you know where the enemy are, but not what they are.

Revealing Blips:
When the Marines enter a gameboard the scan occurs, and the blip cards are randomly placed on that gameboard. When a Marine miniature can see any square of the room or corridor containing a face-down blip card, the blip card is turned over, and all the miniatures of the Blip Group placed immediately. In a corridor, place the Aliens out of sight of the scanning marine, but otherwise as close as possible. In a room, the Aliens go in the corners and center.
At the start of the Alien Player's turn, roll a D6 for every blip card. On a 6, the blip is revealed, place the miniatures pseudo-randomly in the room or corridor (They heard you coming) and open the door if in a room. If the scenario says "except Chaos Marine Commander", then that miniature does not get placed when revealed.

Artificial Intelligence:
If one Alien from a Blip Group can see a Marine, all members of the Blip Group will attack.
All Orks, Bolter Chaos Marines, and Genestealers will attempt to engage in Hand-to-Hand combat, shooting on the way. All others will shoot at the enemy, moving if the line of sight to the enemy is blocked by miniatures.
If none of the Blip group members can see a Marine, they will all move towards the nearest Marine.

Alien target priority when there there is more than 1 target that can be attacked this turn: 
  1. Nearest Heavy Weapon
  2. Nearest Bolter
  3. Nearest Commander
The alien miniatures are either moving to contact, shooting, engaging in Hand-to-Hand combat, or "Lurking" around a corner.

At any time, if no member of a Blip Group can see an enemy, but one Blip group member is about to move into a square that can be seen by a Marine, the Alien player rolls a red die. If the result is zero, the Alien stops moving, and the other member of the Blip group will move as close as possible to the enemy without being seen. They are all "Lurking".

If the result is 1, 2 or 3 all members of the Blip group will move to attack.
This procedure may be repeated each turn until a Marine moves into sight of one of the Blip group members, or a 1, 2, or 3 is rolled causing the Aliens to move into sight of the Marines.

If it is possible that a Blip Group may be attacked by a Missile Launcher or Plasma Gun, Lurking Aliens should stay one square apart.

Lurking allows the Blip Group to concentrate for the attack, but the Marine player approaching the corner knows they may charge at any moment.

False Blips (Optional):
Write "3" on one side of the blank cards. There are 3 blank blips in Space Crusade, it isn't clear if they are used in the game, but the element of "false alarm" is thematic.

Alien Event Cards:
If there is a choice on which miniatures are affected (such as "Booby Trap"), the Marine Player gets to chose who gets it. The "Mothership Scan" event card lets the Marine Player inspect all the Blip Cards on 1 gameboard, although they are not "Revealed". "Alien Task Force" is placed on the reinforcement blip deck and replaced by a revealed Blip card chosen at random as soon as one becomes available. "Redeploy" switches two Blip cards randomly.

Reinforcements are the 8 blip cards not played. When a blip card list of Aliens is completely killed, place a reinforcement blip card in a room or corridor with an "R" next to it on the map. You can place a reinforcement Blip card on top of any other Blip card. If there are 2 Blip cards in a room/corridor they are revealed independently of each other.
No Reinforcements: No reinforcement Blip cards.
All Green Reinforcements: All 8 blip cards not originally placed, but when revealed only Orks and Grechkin are placed.
All Blue and Green Reinforcements: All 8 blip cards not originally placed.
All Blue and Green Reinforcements, except Dreadnought: All 8 blip cards not originally placed, but if a Dreadnought is revealed it is not placed.
My Homemade Foamboard Copy

Campaign Handicap:
For 1 marine team, the Marine player may turn 2 Alien Event cards against the Alien per game. See Librarian.
For 3 Marine Teams, the Alien points are split 3 ways, so it is harder for an individual team to win. If that doesn't satisfy you, let the the "Auto Defence" card read "any 3" instead of "any 1".
The Solo AI here isn't smart, it needs a little help against 3 Marine teams.

Alien Rank: (See Page 8 Mission Manual)
If the Alien Player has extra Event cards conferred by rank, deal that number of cards into a separate stack. When if a blip was revealed during the Marine Players, play the top card from the stack if there is one, in addition to the top card on the main stack.

Marks of Chaos: (See Page 8 Mission Manual)
Marks of Chaos
Extra Reinforcement Blip Cards
D6 1-2  gets One 3-Blip, 3-6 nothing.
D6 1-3 gets One 4-Blip, 4-6 nothing.
One 3-Blip
4 or more
One 4-Blip

Different Aliens:
You may want to use different Alien miniatures, an all-Necron ship for example. Make up a Necron force of similar strength to the original, arrange them into Blip Groups and write them on the Blip cards in a green pen. So now your Blip cards can be used for Necrons or the Ork/Gretchin/Android/Chaos ship. You still have genestealers.
More simply, you could substitute one species on the Blip cards with another in a different color pen. Perhaps substitute Nobz for Chaos.

Alternative to Blip Cards and Reinforcement cards:
32 blips, 24 rooms & corridors, 1.33 blips each.
For each room and corridor on the board to be scanned:
Roll a D10: 0-6 no blips, 7: 3 blips, 8: 4 blips, 9: 5 blips (1.4 per room/corridor, close enough).

To reveal a blip, roll a d100 (2xD10 dice, multiply one die by 10), remove the blip marker and replace it with a miniature according to this table:
Normal Ship:
Number Miniature D100

1 Dreadnought 00 - 02
4 Android 03 - 14
1 Chaos Commander 16 - 18
1 Chaos Hvy Wpn 19 - 21
3 Chaos Marine 22 - 30
8 Ork 31 - 54
14 Gretchen 55 - 96
1 Special 97 - 99
If you roll "45", you get an Ork, for example.
"Special" is reroll, or maybe an extra Alien, a Marine Prisoner, a teleporter to any other square on the board or whatever.
You can change the table to use different miniatures, for your Necrons or whatever you have.
If the Mission requires a Dreadnought, and you are down to 5 blips, the next blip is the Dreadnought.

Chaos Ship:
Number Miniature D100

1 Dreadnought 00 - 4
4 Android 05 - 24
2 Chaos Commander 26 - 35
2 Chaos Hvy Wpn 36 - 45
10 Chaos Marine 46 - 95
1 Special 96 - 99
The Chaos Ship dispenses with the goofy greenskins, you are fighting Chaos, with the odd Genestealer. Any event cards referring to Grechkin or Orks now apply to Chaos Marines. You need 7 extra Chaos Marines, plus a Chaos Commander and a Heavy weapon. 15 bucks plus shipping on EBay.

Ork Ship:
You can substitute Nobz for Chaos Commander and Orks for Chaos Marines to create an Ork Hulk. Or Eldar to create an Eldar Hulk. The Orks and Eldar would have similar stats to their Chaos Marine counterparts to keep it balanced.

Super Dungeon Explore:
Optionally, some otherwise blank cards denote a Found Item, such as:

  • Disposable Missile Launcher, can be used by any of your miniatures once only.
  • Force Field + 1 Armor Value for all miniatures of a color you chose on your next turn only.
  • One extra Melta Bomb
  • One extra Blind Grenade
  • Medi-Kit, one of your miniatures in play now has 2 lives. Place a marker on the miniature.
  • Alarm! Any cards on this board with numbers are turned over and the Aliens become active.
If you enter the room with a blank card, you get to turn over the card and if there is a Found Item mentioned on the card, you get it. The card is immediately removed from play. Let's search for treasure!
SpaceHammer HulkQuest:
Make a set of cards corresponding to Space Hulk tiles (or whatever modular tile system you like), and generate a random dungeon as you go along, like Warhammer Quest or Wrath of Ashardlon. Each new section has a blip card applied to it, and a chance of a treasure card when the enemies are killed. Optionally a 1 in 6 chance of a new extra Blip card every turn to create time pressure. One Terrain card is the Quest Room, shuffled into the last 5 rooms.

Dark Eldar Attack in Space Crusade.

TLDR: You can replace a Marine Squad in Space Crusade with Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors. They do drugs and soul stealing.
You can buy a box with 10 Dark Eldar, you get the weapons shown above.

Now you can use the Dark Eldar as Eldar, and then the Sybarite is an Exarch. You can get the "Eldar Attack" Card images online, the Dark Lance is a Las-Cannon and so on. Job done.

But, if you want them to be Dark Eldar, they don't have psychic powers, so they are more like Space Marines. But we have to make them different.

Dark Eldar Flavor:
  • Combat Drugs
  • Power From Pain
  • Fast Movers
A simple thing to do is to make them Space Marines, but the Sybarite has only 4 health points and you have no weapon upgrade cards, just the order cards. To compensate, you get drug tokens, 2 per miniature at the start of the game. Speed is 8, 4 for heavy weapons, 5 man squad.  You get a drug token if you are within 1 square of a living non- Dark Eldar when they die. Androids aren't living. This is "Power from Pain", the drug tokens are actually pain/drug tokens.
Any Dark Eldar miniature may use 1 drug token per turn, the token is placed at the end of the turn and activated at the start of the next turn, when you chose its one-time effect on a single miniature:

Drug Tokens:
  1. Speed: +3 Squares
  2. Strength: One reroll in Close Combat, Attack or Defense
  3. Accuracy: One reroll in Ranged Attack
  4. ZigZag: One reroll in defence vs Ranged Attack
  5. Awareness: Reveal all blips within 3 squares of the user.
  6. Move/Shoot/Move: Move part of you allowance, fire, and use the rest of your movement.
If the drug effect doesn't actually get used, then it was wasted.

The Shredder fires a net which slices up the target. I'll call it a Special Weapon, not a Heavy Weapon. It has an area effect (separate rolls for each miniature), it may permanently immobilize the target, and you move the full 8 squares. You can immobilize Dreadnoughts, then Move/Shoot/Move. The Dark Lance is a more focused Missile Launcher and the Splinter Cannon is a less focussed Assault Cannon. The Splinter Rifle is a bolter. The Disintegrator Cannon is a Plasma Rifle.

If the Dark Eldar player can corner some enemy and use up a couple of drug tokens to kill them all, they should get the tokens back from eating their souls. So the Dark Eldar ride a wave of violent death, eliminating strong enemies "Just as Planned". Their weapons aren't as good as Space Marines, so you can easily get wiped out if you get off to a bad start.
The drugs and lust for killing are a good contrast to the holier-than-thou Space Marines.

Alternative version:
Dark Eldar, set up as Blood Angels or Ultramarines. The Sybarite Commander has only 4 health points.  Lose 1 Equipment Card, gain a "Combat Drugs" Order Card. For the rest of the turn the Combat Drugs card gives all the Dark Eldar 2 extra movement square, and they may reroll 1 die from each of their attack rolls. If they kill 2 or more non-Android enemy (Power From Pain) in that turn, they get the Combat Drugs card back, otherwise not.

Other Races:
Feel free to make up a Tau Fire Warrior team with Gun Drones, Necrons, Cultists or whatever you have. Often there are old-style 40K miniatures on eBay that nobody wants, but just the thing for old school Space Crusade.

Ultra Marines Rules

Ultra Marines is Space Crusade on a Space Hulk Board. For dummies.
If you have some 40K miniatures and Space Hulk, it would be easy to have Orcs/Marines/Eldar/Necrons in a beer and pretzels game

See also this review. And BGG for pictures.
Translated from Spanish, (me excusa)

Ultra Marines
Scouts of the Imperial Space Marines stalk the dark and menacing corridors of a wreck
alien. Should recover vital information for the Imperial Command can launch the final assault.
Scouts rely on their keen instincts to stay alive. Do not have time to ask for names
or identification. If hesitate are lost. In the depths of the wreck no more friends than five
battle brothers make up his squad.

The aim of the Ultra Marines is teleport to their
Scouts aboard the wreck and capture the maximum of
Alien artifacts.


1. - Separate pieces, plastic, matrices and your Scouts.

2. - Each player takes a Datacard, a card reload
Hellfire, and a squad of Scouts; a Sergeant,
an Scout with Heavy Bolter and three Scouts
Bolter gun. If you are only two players you can
take two squares each.

3. - Mixed event cards. Distribute three on each
player. Do not show your cards to other players.
Place the remaining cards in a stack near aet board.
This is the event deck.

4. - Separate sections board and order in rooms
and corridors. Shift a section and place it on the
table. Arrange the pieces to form the wreck more
interesting as possible. To give you an idea we included
Two examples at the end of the rules.

5. - Once the wreck is arranged, each player
choose one of six rooms as their area of tele-
transport and placed in it its Scouts. each
Scout squad can start facing in
any direction, and can be placed in the order
you want. Obviously two rooms remain unoccupied.

6. - On Time, Place all eight Artifact
Alien chips .
They can not be placed in any room or in
a corridor that is at least two sections
an area of tele-transportation of any player. I dont know
You can place two Artifacts in the same section
7. - Roll a die to determine the first player. the
it takes more starts. The round continues to the

How to Play
Each player's turn is divided into phases
must be completed in order. All your Browsers
must complete a phase before starting
next. Therefore, you can not move an Scout,
firing a shot and then move another Scout.

     1 Resolve Event cards on the board. *
     2 Tele-transporting artifacts.
     3 Move.
     4 Fire.
     5 melee combat.
     6 Try to recover stunned Scouts.
     7 Take an Event card. *

Event cards are optional. If you want to limit
only to move, shoot and fight to become familiar with
play, you play without the Event cards.
Just ignore phases 1 and 7 string
simply turn. You can include the Event cards later
Once you are familiar with the basic game.

During the game you use Event cards to prevent
your opponents getting alien artifacts or
to help you obtain first ! There are three types of
Event cards; objects, orders and risks.
The objects represent the Scouts team
carry and items that are to explore.
These cards usually remain on the board
several turns, causing problems someone!

The orders represent Commanders
Scouts aboard his ship issuing orders

The risks are unexpected things that happen to
Scouts according explore the wreck. Generally
Some Event cards are played immediately,
while others (such as Blinding Grenades)
remain on the board for several turns. As
the game progresses, you'll find that there are several letters
Event on the board at the start of your turn. strip
given for each card and follow their instructions for
check whether remains in play or eliminated. If a
letter is removed, place it in the discard pile.
Event cards are explained in more detail
come in.
If an Scout moves to a box containing a
Artifact he can pick it up. Place Artifact under their                           .
base. When the Scout's turn to move, take the
Artifact with him. After collecting the Artifact the
Scout can continue their movement as
normal. A Scout can only transport one
Artifact at a time. A Scout can shoot
and fight when carrying an Artifact.

Take the Artifact back to your area teleport
and put it in the center square of the room. Once a
Artifact placed near the teleport the
Scout can continue as normal, but the
Artifact could be picked up by an Scout
enemy, so it might be good idea to stay and
protect it.

At the beginning of your turn roll a die for each artifact
in the box teleport: 1-3 the tele-
transport fails and must try again next
shift, with 4-6 Artifact is teleported to
success. Place Artifacts captured by your

At the beginning of your turn, roll a die. You can move
each of your Scouts to that number
boxes. You do not have to move all the boxes if not
you want.

Scouts can move in any
direction, including diagonally and backwards and,
to through squares occupied by members of their own
squadron. You can not move through a box
occupied by an enemy or end movement in
a square occupied by another Scout.

Once all your Scouts have moved,,
any Scout that has an enemy in sight
You can shoot.

A. - Tell your opponent whom these firing and
weapon you're using. Verify that the attacker can
see the target.

If you can draw a line from the center of the box
the attacker to the center of the target box without
through a wall or box of another model,
you can see it.
B. - Look into your Datacard few dice damage can
use your Scout when shooting. Drop that
number of dice on the grid fighter from
about 30 cm. high.
[TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: D10, 1-4 Hit, 5-9 Miss, 0 Reroll

This is the "Battle Grid", use a D10 instead:


If any dice lands on a square Impact on
shot is successful. If it is not clear that any given
either a Hit or a tug failure given that again. If a
given bounces out of the box, such as a failure.
Look C- dice have fallen into boxes
Impact and select the one with the highest number. sight
that number on your table attack to find the
result of the shot:

D10 to hit, 1, 2, or 3 D6 for effect

Ricochet: Your shot bounces on the armor of your
opponent without any effect.

Stunned: The bolter shell crashes into your
enemy throwing it to the ground. His armor absorbs
Most of the damage and is only stunned. Place the
enemy Scout lying in the occupied square.

Dead: The shot hits squarely in the chest
enemy killing him on the spot. Retire him from the board; his
body is teleported back to their ship
assault. If the Scout had an Artifact he drops it
on the square occupied.

The Heavy Bolter
One member of each squadron goes armed with a
Heavy Bolter. This is a particularly heavy weapon
modified, you can shoot indiscriminately,
normal projectiles or the dreaded Hellfire missile.
If you shoot projectiles simply follow the normal
Datacard your instructions. Optional rules for
Hellfire missiles at the end of

If one of your Scouts moves to a square
adjacent to the square occupied by an Scout
enemy, even diagonally, can perform an attack
with his combat knife. You must choose if you attack with
combat knife or gun bolter, but not
You can use both in the same turn.
The combat works as follows:
A. - Look into your Datacard few damage dice throw your
Scout in combat. Throw that many dice in
Battle grid.
B. - Watch the dice fell into boxes and Impact
choose the one with the highest value. Look at that number in
Table of attack to get the result of the coup.
No effect: You failed coup fails to penetrate the
Weave your opponent.
Stunned: The impact of your attack knocks down your
opponent. While their armor absorbs most
the damage and is just stunned.
Dead: Your opponent dies instantly by
force of your blow. Remove from the board; body is
teleported back to his ship assault. If the
Scout had an Artifact drops it on
box occupied.

After you have finished moving, shooting and
combat, you can check if any of recovering
Your Scouts stunned.
Roll a die for each check
results in the following table.
1 2 3: Still recovering; Scout remains
lying on the ground.
4, 5 6: In top form; Scout rises and
may act normally next turn.

Attacking a dazed Scout:
An attack with success either shooting or combat,
against a stunned Scout, kills
automatically regardless of the outcome of the dice.

If you have less than three event cards at the end of your
turn, you can get one from  the event deck.

This ends your turn. Now the player to your left
begins his.


When there are more artifacts on the board,
player who has recovered more wins. If there
a tie, the game continues until only in
The Scouts board a player. then that
player is the winner.

You can play without using the Ultra Marines cards
event or Hellfire missiles. Although make the game
much more fun once you are familiar with
the basic rules.

You can have 3 cards in your hand event as
maximum. You can play one or all of them at any
time during your turn. You can play them on
any player anywhere in the wreck.
You can also discard unused as you want to
end of your turn. This allows you to get rid of the
aue letters do not want. These cards are left aside in
the discard pile.
When the event deck runs out, mixed again
the discard pile to form a new deck

The effects of each card are printed on them. some
need something more than explication
Objects are placed on the board so that
covering one or more boxes. Although the letter is to cover four
boxes, you can even place it in a hallway, but one or
two boxes covered walls will not
affected by the letter.

Objects only be removed from the board when
effects of the letter have been met. For most
objects you roll a die at the beginning of shift
to see if a player is eliminated. Points needed
to remove the card they are printed on it. Once the
Object is removed will the discard pile.

Vortex Grenade: The Vortex Grenade remains in the
board more than one turn, Moving randomly
and causing destruction wherever he goes. If the Vortice is
moves to a square containing a closed door,
detachment or an Alien Artifact these
are automatically destroyed and removed from the board
Vortice while continuing its path of destruction.
[TRANSLATION NOTE: use a D10 or something to get a random direction for the Vortex grenade, 8 directions, 0 and 9 stop the grenade perhaps. The grenade affects a 4 square area.

In the figure In the Vortice just been played. the
hit Scout gets 4 dice damage.
At the beginning of the next player's turn is roll a
for given vortex movement. The result is two,
Ace! that it moves the position shown in figure B.
The Scout is once again affected, therefore receives
the other 4 dice of damage. The door also looks
affected, therefore it is removed from the board.
A Vortice can not move through walls. by
example, a score of 3 would have moved the Vortice to
position shown by the gray square. This means
It would have moved completely within the
wall, which is not allowed. Instead the Vortice is

Frag Grenade: When Frag Grenade
explodes rolls 4 dice of damage against miniatures
covered by the letter. It is a good idea to roll dice seperately,
deciding miniatures attack with each one.

A Frag Grenade affects a 4 square area.                                                   ,
If one of the boxes is a wall it does not matter,
Grenade unaffected.
The player who took Grenade choose to Scouts
attack. It has 4 dice to distribute among the
Miniatures covered by the 4-square area.
Decides to throw 3 dice against Scout 2 and
1 against Scout 1. Decide no to attack Scout 3
4 No Effect, outside 4 square box.

These cards are marked with the symbol #. played                                .
and discarded immediately.

These cards are marked with the symbol *. played
and discarded immediately.
If you wish, you can allow your Scout  to
Heavy Bolter fire Hellfire missiles. You must tell
your opponent you're using Hellfire missiles
before rolling the dice. The Hellfire missiles use the
Battle grid differently than other weapons manner. an
Hellfire missile spreads toxins and glass fragments
covering an area of 9 squares. For this attack you use
9 the grid cells to represent attack
9 squares on the board that you are attacking.

A. - Choose your goal. Unlike a normal shot,
You can choose to target an empty box yet
must be able to vein. The objective is represented
the central square grid combat.
B. - Take 4 dice and let them fall on the grid
combat. Never mind that the boxes may impact or
Fault. The boxes where the dice fall show
failure      .
squares on the board that are impacted. Place the
Hellfire four tabs in boxes that have been
impacted. If more than one die has fallen over the same
box chips are stacked on it.

C- If a Scout has been impacted by a tab
Hellfire, look at the number of given in that box. Locate
that number in your table of attack for the
result of shooting.
D10: 9 hits the center, reroll 0, see diagram for other numbers

You roll the D10 4 times, hitting 4 squares to represent fragmentation.
Roll a D6 against each miniature hit.
If there is more than one Hellfire hit in a box, add the dice rolls together.
View all obtained on your Scout Attack Table.

For example, the Scout right diagram has
been hit by two D6 Hellfire. The die of
first is 4 and the second is 3, totaling 7 which
gives a result of the Dead.
D. Once you've checked the results of damage
for all Scouts who have been impacted,
Hellfire remove the counters from the board. Place your counter
"Hellfire Reloading" next to Scout I shot.
It is reloading his weapon and may not shoot
next turn, even normal projectiles.

 At the end of your next turn removes the reload counter.
The Scout may shoot again normally
using any type of ammunition.

event cards x32, as follows:
evasion [2]
rapid action [2]
reinforcements [3]
teleport [1]
melta-bomb [3]
stasis bomb [1]
blind grenade [2]
frag grenade [5]
krak grenade [1]
vortex grenade [1]
medi-kit [1]
genestealer [1]
laser defenses [1]
cave-in [2]
locked door [6]