Space Crusade Simple Librarian Rules

The Librarian is a non-commander Marine, replacing one normal Marine per squad.
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is no backlit Kindle.

Stats and Weapons:
The Psychic miniature will have a big sword or stick, and maybe a gun, so we can arm him like a Commander with either bolt pistol + power axe, or power glove + power sword. He does not count as a heavy weapon carrier, his movement is 6, with 1 life point. He is worth 12 points to the Alien.

Psychic Abilities:
The Librarian can take control of any 2 Alien events, attacking the Alien instead of the Marines, at the cost of one Equipment card. Or 4 Alien events at the cost of 2 Equipment cards.

Comment: the Librarian gives the Marines great Hand-to-Hand capability, and he can turn Genestealers and booby traps against the enemy.

Terminator Librarian:
(Based on The Terminator Librarian in White Dwarf 134 with a Power Axe) armor is 3, 1 red + 1 white dice for firing, 2 red die + 2 white dice for hand to hand. Move 4 squares. Costs 2 Equipment Cards, worth 12 points to the Alien.

If there is only 1 Marine player, they may a exchange a Librarian for one Marine, he can can take control of any 2 Alien events without costing 1 equipment card. He is worth 5 points to the Alien.