Space Crusade Librarian Spell Cards

I finally painted Conan

Here is a set of Librarian Cards and rules, none of this is of my design:
Librarian Spell Cards:
The Lost and the Dammed psychicpowercards
Instead of "Miss a turn" above, the Librarian gets 4 spell cards from above, and that's all the spells they have.

WD145 Rules and fancy cards:
By Mark Gibbons (I think) from WD 145 "RENEGADE":

Now, I got these from a Italian website, I can't find anything about them on the Net (OK somebody called Monty, thanks Monty), but they look good. Each chapter has its own set although they are the same spells, and there are blue=temporal/green=kinesis/yellow=psionic/red=power spell groups, you get one from each group. The seem related to the Mark Gibbons rules above.

Blood Angels

Imperial Fists