Space Crusade - Techmarines

Techmarines repair and maintain equipment. They belong to the Cult Mechanicus and to their Chapter.
”It’s like there's a party on my back and everyone’s getting killed!”.
They are bolter Marines with Robot arms and cutting tools. They can fix malfunctions. So Space Crusade rules:

Move 6:
Armor: 2 
Shooting: 2 White
Hand-to-Hand: 2 Red, 2 extra White against Androids, Dreadnoughts and Bulkheads.
Cost: 1 Equipment card.
Point cost 5.

He can take a Heavy Weapon, he becomes a Heavy Weapon Marine, reducing his speed to 4, and his point cost goes up to 10.

Alien Event:
"Equipment Malfunction": If the Techmarine does not move or fire for a whole turn, he will undo the card on a Red die roll 1-3 if he is adjacent to the weapon for a whole turn, or if he is carrying the weapon himself. He may try as many times as he likes.

Comment: A Space Hulk would have mechanical issues, so it makes sense bring a Techmarine aboard. 2 red dice have a 1:12 chance of damaging a Dreadnought 2 red>4, but a Techmarine can hand-to-hand Dreadnought on even terms (each has a 42.81% of a kill per attack 2 red+2 white > 2 red+2 white ). A Meltabomb has 55.64% chance of beating the Dreadnought in Hand-to-Hand per turn.
He makes a more reliable Heavy Weapons marine, the Alien will jam the weapons of the other Chapter. But he can't outrun a Dreadnought with with a move of 4.