Warhammer Quest enemies in Advanced HeroQuest

You can play a WHQ variant with AHQ and some paper standees if you download the WHQ manual and treasure cards.

This is a way of combining Advanced HeroQuest with the miniatures from Warhammer Quest. You can use paper standups from the FB WARHAMMER QUEST! group if you don't have WHQ. You could print your own tiles if you don't have AHQ.

You play AHQ using the Map Generator software below (English and German), you have to  load the WHQ1 table, which I created (The program gives an error message, so you Options/Read Tables, navigate to the tables subfolder and load WHQ1.tab. Than Map/Create Map.

If you export an image of the map, you can view it in a program that has layers such as Paint.net, add a filled layer on top, which you erase as you go:

Then you can generate an AHQ map populated with WHQ Monsters and Treasure. 

The WHQ and WHQstandard folders contain the custom WHQ data. 

To play, you can use either AHQ or WHQ rules. Treasure is AHQ treasure cards.

Hidden doors solo, I'm thinking it takes 2 turns of searching even though you know where it is, a 1 in 3 of an Unexpected Event if you want to go through the door.

Sample Output

You can edit the data files for a dungeon with anything you like, such as the Wizards of the Coast Ravenloft: Castle Ravenloft AHQ

Download Map Generator

A strange meta-quest for treasure:

I bought 2nd edition Space Hulk on EBay. It appears to contain 2 shrink-wrapped packs of Warhammer Quest treasure cards. I bought Warhammer Quest from the same seller which had Treasure Cards Pack 3 shrinkwrapped in it. Could the 2 in the picture be Pack 1 and Pack 2? I might get a nice bonus, or I might find the seller mixes up random stuff and crams it into whatever box is close at hand.

Update: I did indeed get all 3 packs, plus a shrinkwrapped copy of the base treasure pack. Miniatures kinda lacking, I will 3D print the Minotaurs, use AHQ Skaven and all will be there.

Weird scenes inside the goldmine


Not really overpriced