HeroQuest 2

HeroQuest 2 is a way of populating the HeroQuest board with monsters, treasure and traps.
You don't need any new rules for actually playing the game at all.
  1. 18 New Hero Cards. With paper standupsFaerie Magic, Prayer and Necromancy cards. Four Heroes are a little limiting, yet a D&D-style Class/Race system seems overkill for a simple game. Just pick a few extra heroes, such as J.D. Sleep's characters, with some new spells.
  2. Random Solo and Cooperative Quests capability with no Zargon/Morcar needed. Random Quest cards gives you a random objective and fill the rooms for you.
  3. Optionally, a Variable Geometry Dungeon, with corridor and room tiles.
  4. No new rules, although setup is different. Feel free to add your own houserules. Such as Actually Using Mind Points