HeroQuest 2 - Variable Geometry Dungeon

HeroQuest has a fixed board, which is a little inflexible.
With room and corridor tiles you can:

  1. Generate the rooms and corridors and monsters as you go along.
  2. Generate the rooms and corridors before you start, and populate the rooms as you open the doors. This allows you to put a perspex sheet over the top, keeping flimsy cutouts secure.

A practical scheme:

Here you have square tiles, all the same size. When a hero reaches a tile edge they draw one from the shuffled deck and place it on that edge. The corridors are as rigid as the rooms, so it is reasonably stable. $5.50 for the .pdf. $10 worth of color printing should get you going.
You can stick the printouts to foamboard (paper backed foam polystyrene) with white school glue, put a heavy book on top while it dries. Maybe another $10 there. Here is my Space Crusade foamboard, it is easy to cut:

I got Advanced HeroQuest for about $60, that is an easier way to go, it doesn't have to be complete.

If you go for narrow corridors, it is a bit fiddly, a perspex sheet over the top helps. If you want rules for generating corridors you can download the "rulebook" at  Advanced HeroQuest Rules and use the "GM Reference" Page below:

The dice above do much the same thing as the "Passage" table.
New Version

If you use Random Quest cards by Cornixt, that populates the dungeon for you, and gives you an objective to complete.
So this is something like Advanced HeroQuest, but with no new rules.
However, a good extra rule would be Wandering Monsters, if there are no Monsters on the board at the end of the turn a 1-2 on a D6 places a party of Monsters (take a card from the Random Quest Deck to generate the monsters) around the nearest corner. This adds a bit of Advanced HeroQuest flavor.