HeroQuest 2 - The "B" Team

A new team for HeroQuest that changes the way you play without new rules.
The Battle Mage kills to get his magic back. He can upgrade to sword and chain mail, so he isn't always squishy.
The Handgonner has a bangstick that goes right through mail and plate armor. You have to reload between shots though. When fired in a confined space, the noise and muzzle blast stun everybody in the room for valuable seconds. This makes room assaults easier for the Heroes. In between shots, his gun is merely a club, which is his obvious drawback.
The Dryad, a female Druid, can Mind attack enemies into the ground and keep them missing turns so the fighters can finish them off. She can be upgraded with armor and weapons too.
The Berserker is barking crazy, you have to keep him fighting the enemy, or make sure you are far away when he loses it. Which he will. But he can certainly clear rooms, 28% of the time he gets a double turn.
Two Celts in one team, bound to be a little infighting.