HeroQuest 2 - Space Crusade

You can Play Space Crusade using the HeroQuest boards and rules, if you print out the pretty cards and standups below:
For the Emprah!

Standups, print on cardstock and glue:

The "Dungeon" is actually a crashed Space Hulk, with the occupants in stasis chambers. The Space Marine above can fight a Chaos Marine on equal terms, as in Space Crusade, so away we go. The Marines will try to keep the combat ranged. In HeroQuest LOS is center-to-center, wall corners don't block LOS.
Heavy Weapons:
Since they are heavy, the Rocket Launcher, Plasma Gunner, Assault Cannoneer or Flamer subtract 2 from the dice roll, a "2" means no move. Heavy Weapons much better than Marines at killing. The Flamer is fairly specialized unit (there is a Heavy Flamer in White Dwarf 134, but it is much the same as the rocket launcher, so Space Hulk Flamer it is) with 6 dramatic door openings and that's it. It doesn't block the corridor for a turn since the Space Hulk flamer is on a Terminator who can carry more fuel than a Marine. You could have a "Heavy Flamer" with 1 unmodified movement die that attacks everything entering a flamed square for the rest of the move, six shots again.
Special Weapon:
You may replace 1 bolter with a Melta Gun. Same as a bolter, but the target rolls no defence dice against it, since it melts through any armor. Maximum range is only 3 squares.  Melta gun users move at full speed. Edit: I suspect -1 move for heavy weapons would be more fun than -2.
Fire Discipline:
The firing of heavy weapons diagonally into rooms is forbidden, unless from the square whose edge touches the door (This is just to give the monsters a chance). Bolters and Heavy Bolters can fire diagonally into rooms.

In Space Crusade The Commander is far more powerful than a plain Marine. There are 3 versions of the Commander, pick one.
The Commander may select one "Order Card" spell:

Imperial Fists Orders

1.Heavy Weapon!: 
One of your heavy weapon marines may move twice and fire twice. This may be done in any order. This order can only be used once.

2.By Sections!: 
Each of your marines may EITHER move twice OR fire twice. They may not move AND fire. This order can only be used once.

3. Fire: 
Each of your marines may fire twice. They may fire, move and then fire OR fire twice before or after moving. This order can only be used once.

4. Move It!: 
Each of your marines may move twice. They may move, fire and then move again, OR move twice before or after firing. This order can only be used once.

Different chapters have different orders and abilities: More orders here:

Goblins, Orcs and Gargoyles have ranged attacks with the same dice as their adjacent attacks.
When a Fimir sees an enemy it immediately disappears, noting the nearest visible enemy. When its turn begins, place it on any square adjacent to the that Hero, then attack with 1 extra attack die (Genestealers dropping from the ceiling). The Genestealers are scary things.
Play any normal HeroQuest Scenario with the Marines. You are the Commander, the Marines are expendable. Life is the Emperor´s currency, spend it well. The Heroes win if the objective is achieved and the Commander lives. Select a Commander, 1 Space Marine, and 2 heavy weapon Marines, such as the Plasma Gunner, for a total of 4 Heroes.
You can have 2 Marine teams, with the monsters getting 1 extra defense die each. The teams can attack each other or cooperate.
Beginning and Ending a Quest:
The four corners of the board are airlocks for entry and exit, as well as the stairs. Your team may enter and exit by any of these. When the last man is adjacent to a corner square you have escaped. If, to your eternal shame, the objective has not been achieved, a fresh team may be inserted in the next turn to complete the mission. If a Commander successfully completes 2 missions in a row he goes up a rank and gets an extra Command Card. When he earns card #5 he immediately retires, the Campaign is won.

Can be played with a GM or with the Random Quest Cards.

Play the game under a single red lightbulb. Otherwise standard Heroquest.