HeroQuest 2 - Print and Play

Inked Adventures has a print and play set for Advanced HeroQuest and Warhammer Quest:
They also have HeroQuest Furniture, although you can make furniture out of popsicle sticks fairly easily. Craft stores have colored popsicle sticks.

So you could use the HeroQuest rules with the dungeon in the picture. You can generate a random dungeon like this:
For random room contents, get the Advanced HeroQuest rulebook and use the GM reference sheet, or Cornixt's  Random Quest Cards

You can print the original Heroquest board in 5 chunks:
You just use empty space for the corridors, and you can switch sections around.

HeroQuest cost me $50 and Advanced HeroQuest cost me $50 within the past year, the print and play route is probably about $50 and a fair bit of time.

But you can endlessly customize the print and play version.
Paper Standup Miniatures by Bruno Sathler A Silva:
Stickers on the dice, homemade board and cards.