Space Crusade Chaplains

It would be interesting to have a specialized Commander such as a Chaplain, Librarian, Techmarine or Apothecary. I do have three Chaplains:
The Chaplain is a regular Space Marine commander with  "Commander Weapons: BOLT PISTOL + POWER AXE" 2 red,  1 white hand to hand, 2 white firing. The power axe is really the Crozius Arcanum, close enough. The Chaplain may select none, one or two of the 4 items below, each costs 1 Equipment Card, or 1 life point:

  1. "Crozius Arcanum" Equipment card: The Crozius ignores armor, so if the target's armor is more than 2, it is reduced to 2 for the Chaplain's hand to hand attack. So he is a Genestealer and Android killer, a human Melta Bomb.
  2. "Skull Visage" Equipment card: Any enemy miniature moving into sight of the Chaplain must roll a white die. If the result is 1 or 2, he moves back to the previous square and his turn ends.
  3. "Plasma Pistol" Equipment card: The Bolt Pistol is now a Plasma Gun.
  4. "Death Or Glory" Equipment card: At the end of the Squad's turn, any member who can see the Chaplain may move up to 3 squares, but they may not move out of sight of any enemy.
So, instead of using an Equipment card slot, the Chaplain can lose a life point card before the game starts. Normally the entire Squad will have the same kind of armor, but let's allow a Terminator to lead a power armor squad:

"Terminator Chaplain/Librarian" Equipment card: (Based on The Terminator Librarian in White Dwarf 134 with a Power Axe) armor is 3, 1 red + 1 white dice for firing, 2 red die + 2 white dice for hand to hand. Move 4 squares. Cannot be combined with "Plasma Pistol". costs 1 Equipment Card, and 1 life point: