D6 Step Reduction in Panzerblitz / Panzer Leader / Arab-israeli War

Instead of the Combat Results Table where Attack Strength can be added together we have a new system.
A. Counters are organized into Companies of 3 counters.
B. Each company has a number of tanks indicated by the number of spots on a D6, placed beside the 3 counters. One spot on the die is 3 tanks.
C. The Company rolls one attack die for every 3 tanks it has left.
D. Armor penetration is all or none, A Stuart tank cannot kill a Tiger.
E. There is a dice roll to see if a hit has occurred, depending on the range.
F. Each hit kills 3 tanks in the target Company, and causes a Morale Check, which may force the Company to retreat. Losses are spread out across each platoon evenly (unrealistic, but reduces bookkeeping to the one dice).
G. There are 3 colors of dice representing Green, Average and Veteran.
H. There is a Command Radius for each Company, affecting movement rate.

Each counter is a Platoon with between 4 and 6 vehicles. Create a Company by grouping 3 counters together. Place a D6 beside the Company, the dice face reading 4 for 4 vehicle platoons, 5 for 5 vehicle platoons, 6 for 6 vehicle platoons. This number is the Company Strength Number.
Reducing the Company Strength Number by 1 means that 3 tanks were lost
For the Germans, use the (SS) platoons rather than the (W) platoons, and use 5 for their Company Strength Number.
We use 3 colors of Company Strength dice, Green for inexperienced (green) Companies, white for average troops and Red for Veteran Companies.

We do not use the CRT for direct fire against "A" vehicles. Instead we roll two D6 to hit, and if a hit is achieved we throw one D6 for each face up spot on the company die. So a full strength 5-tank platoon Company rolls 5 die. A 4-spot company rolls 4 die, and so on.

Each platoon counter attacks individually, 3 separate attacks per platoon.

To hit:
Roll two D6, subtract 2. If this is greater than or equal to the range in hexes, the target is hit.
+1 Veteran firer
-1 Green firer
-1 Target in City or Woods
-1 Opportunity fire
-1 Attacker's LOS crosses slope or dune hex side adjacent to target (hull down)

To penetrate:
The Attack Strength of the firer must be greater than or equal to the Defense Strength of the target.
Add 1 to the target defense strength at greater than half the firer's maximum range. Add 1 to the Attack Strength if the range is 1 hex.

To kill:
Roll one D6 for each spot on the target Strength Number. A 5-tank platoon Company would roll 5 dice, a 4-tank platoon Company would roll 4 dice, and so on.
Each 6 rolled is a step loss for the target.

Company Destroyed:
The Company is destroyed when its strength is reduced to below 1, the dice and the 3 counters are now removed.

Morale Check:
If a step loss occurs, roll two D6. Add 1 for a Green unit, -1 for a Veteran unit. If the result is 9 or more place an "X" counter on the Company Dice. In that company's Movement Phase, it must move all its units out of LOS of any unit that could damage it with direct fire. If at the end of the turn, if all that company's units are out of LOS of any unit that could damage it with direct fire, the "X" counter is removed. A company with an "X" on its Company Die may not fire.

Example: A Veteran Panther PzKw-V(SS) 16 12 12 10 counter engages a Green Sherman M4/75 11 8 9 8 counter in a wood at 5 hexes. Both counters have Company Strength Number of 5.

To Hit: The PzKw-V rolls two D6 and subtracts 2 from the result. -1 for target in woods, -1 for Veteran firer. The dice roll is seven, -2, -1, +1 = 5, so a hit at 5 hexes or less.

To Penetrate:
PzKw-V(SS) Attack value is 16, range 12, less than half range, so 16.
Sherman defense value is 9, so the shot can penetrate.

To Kill: The PzKw-V rolls five D6, 5 is the Company Strength Number on the Company die.
The result is 6,2,4,5,1. The 5 and a 6 are always hits, so the Sherman now has a Company Strength Number of 3, with an "X" counter on it.

The Sherman can only penetrate the Panther's armour at range 1, so the Panthers can butcher Shermans (and T-34)  in open country.

Command Radius:
If a Green platoon counter is more than 1 hex away from any counter of its Company, its Movement Allowance is halved (round up). For an Average Company, 3 hexes. For a Veteran Company, 6 hexes.

Emergency Opportunity Fire
Any Veteran Company may conduct Opportunity Fire once per turn at any adjacent enemy unit, even has already fired.

See Also: PanzerBlitz Asymmetrized; version 12 of Draft 1 for a more system where you roll for each individual tank.