Gretsch Jet Firebird woodwork, or the lack thereof

Gretsch G6131-MY Malcolm Young

A guitar for lovers of fresh air:

The middle pickup hole was added by Malcom to the original ’63 Jet Firebird. So the neck pickup has enough wood for the mounting screws, the bridge pickup is on a wooden block, the bridge has to be on a wooden block. The horns with the knobs are probably mostly fresh air. So it looks like the body has no more wood than is needed for structural integrity.

If you were making a reissue ’63 Jet Firebird, you would probably just make it solid so it is less likely to get broken. 

I have the Korean Gretsch 5129 below right, it would be nice to have a matching '50s Jet Firebird, there was the Gretsch G6131TDS Jet Firebird Red from 2004, that would probably be the closest thing under 2 grand. But even then, who knows what the woodwork is like internally.

The cheap Filter'tron version was the Gretsch G5441T. Which seems to be G5232T in a different colour.

Edit: I got a G5232T with Filter'Trons in Tahiti Red instead, hasn't arrived yet. A kind of peppy made-in-China G6131-1962 Jet Firebird. A happy meal Firebird.
The Filter'Trons will be a bit of variation. Replacement TV Jones pickups would cost me about the same as the guitar. I have a MOOER Tone Capture GTR, so I can sample the Dynatrons and simulate them on the Filter'Tron at no cost, that will do.
There appears to be a fair bit of fresh air in the G5232T, based on YouTube screenshots:
The G5232T is very jangly and trebely, but the Bigsby is too close to the bridge. I replaced the roller with a 6mm steel rod, and put in a cheap Aliexpress roller bridge. Now the tuning is 100% stable. The rest of the guitar is very good. It doesn't sound super hollow, just a little bit of resonance.

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