Caline Sandstorm is not a Crunch Box

Dang, I was going to convert my Caline Sand Storm (a "Crunch Box Clone" according to the Internets) into an MI Eliminator pedal. But the 2 clipping diodes are attached a capacitor at one end (D4/D2 => C3 in the photo), rather than 2 resistors in the schematic. So it can't be the same circuit. And it uses a JRC4588 instead of an LM833, although that's a reasonable substitution. There is very little on the other side of the PCB,

On Amazon it says "

  • Update version of classic crunch with higher operability,which brings you a almighty crunch distortion"

But a Crunch Box it is not. I didn't like the sound anyway.

I ordered the Mosky Crazy Tone, I'll see what that is.

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