Fire Team UK Scenario 1 - Counter Reconnaisance

Fire Team UK Scenario 1 - Counter Reconnaisance at Osnabruck

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The 423rd Guards advance with a Reconnaissance Company (as per FM 100-23, 4-19), HQ BRM-1, 3xBMP-2, 4xBRDM-2 and 3 motorcycles.
The motorcycle patrol made contact with the English Infantry at Schiltzau, and contact has been lost. Fladungen looks like a better route than Waldhof, but we have to be sure.
X Coy, 6 RRF report contact with Soviet Recce at Schiltzau. They and a half Milan Platoon from 4 RIR are reminded by 2nd Division that if Soviet recce is successful, the rest of the Soviet Regiment will be coming down that road in an hour's time.

Special Rules

All UK Milan units use 11.3 Hidden deployment.
Fire team UK rules used:
1. Rally
2. UK Leaders and Activation
9. Smoke Lobbers
16. Landmines

Victory Conditions

The Soviet player wins by either (a) entering the road junctions at both Fladungen and Waldhof, losing less than 4 units killed, or (b) locate 2 or more Milan positions, losing less than 4 units killed or immobilised.
Otherwise the UK win.
(Note: The (b) condition means the Soviet will abandon this route and attack somewhere else, so immobilised vehicles will not be recovered.).

Turn Record Track:
1 2 3 4 5

UK Forces: X Coy, 6th (Volunteer) Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (Newcastle-on-Tyne)  and half Milan Platoon 4 (Volunteer) Royal Irish Regiment 27th (Inniskilling)

2x1; 2x2 ;2x3 ;1x4
1st Platoon: 3xSquads, 2xMG teams, 2xLAW, 1x Carl Gustav, Leader Stuart 9-2-7, 4x Bedford lorries.
2nd Platoon: 4 Milan teams, Leader Molesworth 9-1-7, 2x 3/4 ton Land rover.
2 Landmine hexes (11.3 Hidden deployment).

Set Up: Milan teams and Molesworth anywhere on Hohenberg hill. Everybody else is in Schiltzau buildings.

Soviet Forces:423rd Guards Yampolsky Motor Rifle Regiment  had a Reconnaissance Company

1st Platoon: 1x BMP-1 (HQ BRM-1, a "Mineclearing vehicle"), Leader 8-1-17 Blankenshev
2nd Platoon: 3xBMP-2, 3xSquads, 3xMG teams, Leader 8-0-7 Zoldavov
3rd Platoon: 3xBRDM-2
2x1; 1x2 ;2x3 ;1x4

(Comment: The Soviet player will probably hug terrain and dismount for the recce of Fladungen and Waldhof, keeping the UK infantry suppressed with the BMP's. The UK player must be flexible with his infantry to prevent this, luring the vehicles towards the Milan, and ambushing the Soviet infantry. The BMP-1 can detect mines, but there is little time to spare.)