Dark Eldar Wyches in Space Crusade

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Wyches don't have Heavy Weapons at all. They don't have much in the way of guns or anti-armor capability. Speed and Hand-to-Hand are what they do. The Combi-Liquifier is probably essential for Dreadnought killing, essentially a Plasma Grenade.
If you have dual Hydra Gauntlets you can engage in Hand-to-Hand with some all or none of enemies in the 8 squares around you. The Electro Shardnet should really disable an enemy, but then you would need rules for disabled enemies, who would get killed immediately anyway. So you just get a reroll.

Dark Eldar take prisoners, and drain their souls by making them watch reality TV.
I suppose if you win in Hand-To-Hand there is a 50% chance of being allowed to take a prisoner, you can walk the prisoner to an exit at the lower of your speed and the prisoner's speed, for double points.
I don't know if that is particularly fun, you could say "Resistance is useless". "Except some of the shouting I quite like. Resistance is use-"  It was the Daleks who coined the phrase, not Douglas Adams himself.