Pwork Starbase Bundle for Space Crusade

Update: At Staples, the tiles do not print as 1" squares, I have printed the ,pdf's to .pdf at 113% scale, perhaps that will work.

I wanted some flexible tiles for Space Crusade, and Pwork Starbase had a set of tiles similar to Space Hulk, but with 1" squares and 2 squares wide corridors. Hilariously, the Pwork website wanted me to pay for shipping on a download that they couldn't even spell the name of:
so I bought it at DriveThruRPG. Normally DriveThruRPG has a 2" square graphic, and you don't know what you are getting. Pwork is really weird in the sense that they actually have a picture of the product that lets you see what it is:
 Just what you would expect a modular Space Crusade to look like.
However, there are no jigsaw ends, so everything will slip and slide. I bought "200pcs 2mm x 1mm Disc Rare Earth 2x1mm Super Happy Lucky strong Magnets" for US $2.84 on ebay. I'll print on thin paper, glue it on to foamboard and glue in rare earth magnets. Although how rare can they be, at 1.42 cents each?
The magnets may or may not hold things together, but I don't care what I do, I live on the edge as Adrian Edmondson would say.

The pdfs look nice, although you would be in violation of all that is holy if you unlocked the .pdf, deleted the pages you don't want to print (like the instructions) and got it printed at Staples. So don't do that, Adobe will come out of the Warp to get you.

The point is that the corridors match the width of the Space Crusade corridors, so you can combine the original boards with Space Hulk style (Space Hulk squares are about 30% bigger than Space Crusade so the terminators can pose) extensions. $10 worth of printing and foamboard should do it, plus the magnets. With an Overwatch houserule, the long corridors can be covered with heavy weapons, creating tactical puzzles. Expansion 01 has pinched off 1 square corridor pieces:
This gives you Dreadnought free Zones, and a Space Hulk claustrophobia, where 1 guy can seal off a corridor until he dies randomly. If you have Cover and Overwatch houserules, these would be game changers.
There is a Fantasy version too. Therefore the Aliens might attack the ancient inner sanctum of the Space Marines:
Also a City Ruins for 40K and such. You even use the Starbase tiles as Dungeon tiles for Heroquest variants. Pwork's "The Cave" looks a bit like Advanced Space Crusade, you could pretend it is an Alien Colon instead of a cave: