HeroQuest 2 - Character Advancement and Fate points

In this optional variant, the Heroes earn Fate points to spend on their next adventure. Whenever a hero kills a monster or finds a trap, they get a Fate point which can be used in a later Quest. As soon as a Fate point is spent during a game, monsters use White Shields to defend on for the rest of the game.
If the Quest is a success, all surviving heroes get another Fate Point.

Fate PointActionLimitsCost
Spell MasteryReuse a spell card
Berserk+1 attack dice until no enemies visibleMind Points < 42
ResuscitateChange your own 0 heath to 1 health
Skill at armsReroll 1 attack or defence diceMind Points < 41
KeyholeReveal room contentsElves only2
BlindAdjacent Monster cannot defend for 1 turnNot Clergy1
First AidRestore 1 body point
MeditationRestore 1 mind point
JudoThe enemy attack damages the enemy instead*Mind Points > 31
BackstabDouble dice for one attack if directly behind enemyNot Clergy1
CrucifixAll Undead visible miss a turn*Clergy only1
Flame+2 Attack dice vs Mummy for 1 attackMind Points > 31
MiningMake one square of wall disappear*Dwarf only2
Holy Hand GrenadeAll in adjacent room/corridor attacked by 2 Dice*Clergy only2
InvisibilityInvisible for 3 turns, may not attackMind Points > 32
StrengthDoubles the number of attack dice for 1 turn
SpeedAdds 7 to the Hero's next movement dice roll.Not Dwarf1
ScrollRelearn last spell castMind Points > 32

This allows the Character to progress between Quests without an actual levelling up system.
* counts as an action.