HeroQuest 2 - New Hero Cards

20 Heroes instead of 4:

This is a expansion for HeroQuest by J.D. Frazer that allows you to have 20 characters instead of 4. You can have an adversarial Good team vs Evil Team , for example.

The Neutral Seer has Faerie Spells. There are point values for each character to balance the teams.
This adds a fair bit of replayability without adding new rules. Adding a full blown race/class structure to HeroQuest is probably defeating the purpose of a simple game.
Necromancer + spell cards: The Necromancer
Seer + spell cards: The Seer
18 New card images, Standup Paper Miniatures here:

Here are the cards. Maybe it would be better to balance them out to the same point value. The Squire is a bit of a "Nothing in his life Became him like the leaving it." guy, and some of the characters are one man armies, like Elf and Night Blade. Team Evil has 4 more balanced guys.

Father forgive me, for I have taken liberties with the monk, who is now much better at praying.
The "Prayers" go on the rear of the Monk and Priest cards.

Changes from J.D. Sleep:
1. All armor is regular HeroQuest. No leather armor, Chain Mail +1, Plate mail +2. The Elf and Nightblade can't start with 5 defense dice.
2. Monk has a better chance of praying successfully. A action with a 1:6 chance of giving somebody 1 extra defence die is worthless.
3. Infernal avenger armor 3
4. The point values seem random, I "fixed" them on the cards.
5. I don't understand the Scout's "no monsters may react". I'd say the Scout may suspend fighting for the first turn in the room the enter. This would allow your Heroes to get in position, maximizing your party's chances.

 I added the Juitsuka, he is better at assisting other fighters than fighting himself with his throw and locks.
The point values seem odd, feel free to adjust. A 4 Hero party should have up to 680 points, such as Scout, Elf, Wizard, Barbarian. The Elf, Wizard, Barbarian and Dwarf have bonuses over their original values.

Good Team vs Evil Team

The new Heroes have good, neutral and Evil characters, a Good Hero will not usually be in the same team as an Evil Hero. If you have 2 teams of 4 heroes (Good vs Evil for example), they get separate entrances, and monsters defend on white shields to deal with 8 heroes. The teams may fight each other. You can have 4 good teams of 2 heroes, one player controlling each pair, something like "Space Crusade". Zargon/Morcar can have his own team against 2 Hero teams, the monsters are on Zargon's side. Several female players have been added so girls can play too. Some characters are of ill-defined gender, which will suit everybody else.
Team Evil can be Zargon himself with 3 Evil Heroes (the Chaos Sorcerer might be included), trying to kill 8 Good/Neutral Heroes in personal combat, monsters defend on black shields. 
Actually you just get more of them.