HeroQuest 2 - Mind Points

HeroQuest Heroes have Mind Points which cannot be used. Chaos Warriors, Fimir and Gargoyles beat the Barbarian on mind points, but the Wizard beats them all.
Arcane research has discovered that Mind Points represent the psychic dimension of the Warp and WAAAAAAGH. Wizards, Seers, Necromancers, Priests, Psykers, Shamans, Sorcerers and Suchlike are secretly trained to negotiate this psychic dimension, simple warriors are not.

Mind Attack:

  • A Hero or Monster may attack using a number of dice equal to his Mind Points.  The defending Monster or Hero defends using a number of dice equal to its Mind Points. Hits reduce Mind Points instead of Body points. Monsters with starting Mind Points less than 2 may not be Mind Attacked.
  • When a (non-Undead) Monster or Hero's Mind points drop to zero they may not move or defend and may take no action in the current turn and in the next turn. They start the turn after that with 1 Mind point.
  • A Hero or Monster gets a Mind Point Restored if an adjacent (not diagonally) enemy dies (The Quickening).
  • If a Monster is adjacent to a Hero with fewer Mind Points, the Monster will prefer to Mind Attack the adjacent Hero with the lowest Mind Points over any other attack. 
Comment: This allow the Wizard to fight Orcs effectively, which is fun for the Wizard. Barbarians are easily reduced to 0 mind points, but they can restore their points with a single kill, assuming they survive the missed turn. If a Hero runs low on Mind Points they are soft targets for the smarter Monsters.
The decision to engage in mental combat depends partly on you ability to be rescued should you lose, so proper planning is required.

"I will not cease from Mental Fight, Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand" - Blake

An Alternative Approach:
You could use Mind Points/2, round up, as an alternate Attack/Defend value for all Spellcasters:

The Psyker reduces Body Points rather than Mind Points.