Space Crusade - Oh, The Sisters of Battle, they are not departed or gone

Some standups for Space Crusade. Get in touch with your female side. I know I have.
On a lighter note, I got Space Hulk 4thEd on eBay  for $100 shipped, maybe the sisters could go Hulking too, when it arrives. The Adepta Sororitas Space Crusade cards are at the Lost and the Dammed.

The Adeptus Ministorum army contains squads of Battle Sisters of the Order of Our Martyred Lady. The uniforms of the Order of Our Martyred Lady emphasise black armour and cloaks, with red linings for the cloaks, red weaponry and white used for the piping around the cloaks and for the unit insignia.
EM4 Space Rangers, blackcatbases female heads (I ordered from them 2 months ago, nothing to show for it), about $8.00 for a squad of 5. With a decent paint job  they would look OK. Maybe new backpacks.

Martyrdom House Rule:
This costs an Equipment card. When a Squad member dies, the player gets a "Faith" token. They player may spend a Faith token to ignore an Alien Event Card played against them.

But, here is a more sophisticated system:

Usagi3 has a great French website, I translated this bit:
By Usagi3, a complete set of Sisters of Battle rules:

Instead of order cards, the Sisters of Battle perform "Acts of Faith".
The Sisters begin with 6 "Points of Faith". When a Sister dies (Martyrdom), the player gets an extra Points of Faith token, to a maximum of 6.
Once per turn the Squad can spend a Point of Faith to attempt an Act of Faith. The Faith point is used up whether the act is successful or not. The same act of Faith can be repeated each turn.
The Emperor moves in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform. To test the Sister's Faith, roll  a dice (red or white, depending on the act of faith). If the die shows a result other than zero, the miracle occurs.

Acts of Faith:

Hand of the Emperor: + 1 red die in combat melee entire Squad.
Test: roll 1-3 on a red die.
Divine Guide: one extra red die in ranged combat to entire Squad.
Test: roll 1-3 on a red die.
Passion: entire Squad attacks twice before or after moving in Hand-to-Hand or ranged combat. 
Test: roll 1-2 on a white die.
Spirit of the Martyr: while a Sister seemed killed, she miraculously unharmed.
Test: roll 1-2 on a white die.
If it was the Mother Superior, she has restored the number of points of life she had just before the attack that almost killed her.

Flamethrower: 2 red dice, affects all models covered by the template (triangle).
Lightning (Fulgrant in the picture): 2 red dice, works like the Assault Cannon.
Heavy bolter: 2 red and 1 white dice roll.
Armor 2, Close Combat 2

FOI is the Point Of Faith. Sister Superior has bolt pistol and Axe. 

Equipment Cards:
Auspex: At the start of every turn, you may reveal 3 blips. Litanies of Faith: You get a free Act of Faith, with no test. 
Lances: Roll an extra white die in Hand-to-Hand Targeter: As usual, re-roll 1 die for 1 weapon type. Frag Grenades: Only bolter sisters, ranged attack with 2 red dice on 1 square, before firing the bolter separately. You get 2 grenades, tilt the card for the first shot, remove for the second. (I assume all the bolters in the squad get the benefit for the turn) 
Cape of Saint Aspira: Commander has armor of 3 
Guided by Faith: Commander gets a re-roll in Hand-to-Hand for entire mission

There were some vaguely worded Event cards, to replace some event cards to make things harder:

Teleported!: Roll a red, on a 3 (Comment:1-3 would be better) Marine determined at random (may be the sergeant) is  teleported to an (preferably) unexplored board corridor. The Marine player chooses the location.
Tentacle!: a booby trap that engages a Marine in Hand-to-Hand (yes, I know) with 2 white dice.
Locked!: In the room containing the most Marines, the doors are closed. They have an armor strength of 4 and must be destroyed to open them.
Warp Storm: Marine movement during the next turn is reduced by half.
Combined Shooting: all of Orks or Gretchins in a room or hallway can combine their ranged fire in one devastating burst.
Stranger: You find a prisoner who joins your squad, you get points for them if they survive, the alien gets the points if they die. (Presumably a random Alien who has already been killed).