HeroQuest 2 - Skill Cards

Here are 8 character Skill cards. After completing one Quest any Hero may use a single Skill Card as a permanent character attribute. So 1 characters can have 8 variants, which is easy and fun. It feels like you went up a level, even though each card contains an advantage, balanced by a disadvantage.

The disadvantage must not already apply to the Hero, so a Wizard cannot use the Scout Card. 
When the Longbow Archer buys a crossbow, it is actually a Longbow that goes straight thru armor, but can only be fired orthogonally, like a rook in chess.
The Scout can open a door and look in without being attacked immediately.
The Heretic secretly uses Warp Energy, but not against Chaos.
The Purifier is very selective about spells (which usually involve the Warp) and is very effective against the powers of Chaos.