HeroQuest 2 - The Village

Outside the HeroQuest Dungeon lies a village, with an Armoury and great healthcare. if you are just about to die you can sneak out of the Dungeon to recover and go back in. If you do die, a new Hero enters the Dungeon. So you can have a more dangerous Dungeons that may require 2 trips to defeat.
If a player gets killed, they get a new character on the next turn. Advanced HeroQuest has this running in and out of the dungeon mechanic.
The Village Rules:
1. On the Original HeroQuest board, the 4 corner squares are now "EXITS". With a Variable Geometry Board (like Advanced HeroQuest), there in a 1 in 6 chance of an "EXIT" at the end of every corridor:
3 Variable Geometry Dungeon Dice
2. A Hero who ends their turn on an "EXIT" or at the Staircase may chose to spend the next turn in the village. The miniature is removed from the board.
3. The turn after that, the Hero may return to the Dungeon at any "EXIT" or at the staircase. Mind and Body points get restored, but Magic cards are only replenished at the start of the game.
4. While in the Village the Hero can buy items from the Armory.
5. When a Hero is killed, a new Hero (different miniature if possible) may enter the Dungeon at any "EXIT" or at the staircase on the following turn.
6. All monsters defend on White Shields and not Black Shields (Or some other way of making life dangerous for the heroes).

Going back to the Inn gives more of an RPG feel to the game, and allows you to have more ferocious combat. You can randomly trigger a Dracolitch that attacks a weakened party, eats the Barbarian, and the other Heroes are lucky to escape with their lives. Back at the inn they come up with a plan to destroy the Dracolitch, and return with a Battle Mage and maybe better armor.
This doesn't change the actual playing of the game, but it does add a bit of a backdrop and storyline.
See also, Tocos'  Allied Heroquest.