HeroQuest 2 - Minimal Print and Play

There were 2 million HeroQuest games sold, you should be able to get one for under $100.

You will need:
  1. The Original Board (Google the image, get the biggest one and go to a print shop. Have it laminated, or stick it to board). Maybe $25
  2. 24 Spell Cards, 2 or 3 pages 1$, plus 1$ for plastic covers.
  3. Paper Standup Characters 4 pages, about 1$ and a CornFlakes packet, and White glue, 1$. Or Flat Furniture Counters 2$ plus CornFlakes packet much easier to do.
  4. 3D Paper Furniture 9 pages 3$,  and CornFlakes packets, and White glue, 1$.
  5. Rule and Quest book 40 pages or so 5$
  6. Hero Cards 1$ And cardboard.
  7. Dice with Stickers on them, 2$

The following can be printed out as tables, or Actual Cards. Tables 1$
24 Treasure cards
10 Artifact Cards
8 monster Cards

So 15$ plus the board. You could do it for 30-40$ and a day's work. You would have to view the construction as a fun thing really.

Stick paper to D6 dice:, you only need the black and white ones.