HeroQuest 2 - Random Cooperative Quests

HeroQuest has Zargon/Morcar to lay out the dungeon for you, but he can be replaced by Random Quest Cards by Cornixt. This is a deck of cards to print out that populates the rooms with monsters, treasure and furniture. It also gives you an objective for the Quest. Cornixt has done a great job on these cards.

So you get random quests which you can play solo or cooperatively. A whole new game

Random traps:
  • If you roll 2 (snake eyes) for your movement in an unsearched area, roll a D6 to learn what trap you hit you: 1-2, Falling Block; 3-4 Pit Trap ; 5-6 Spear Trap. 
  • If you search for treasure without searching for traps, a D6 1-2 takes a body point from you (Poison dart). Serves you right! 
  • Searching the room for traps, a 1 means it is in front of whichever door in the room you like, disarm it if you like. 2-6, forget about it (Either there wasn't one, or you walked around it, it isn't worth the trouble of marking it).
Random Hidden Doors:

If you roll 12 (Boxcars) on your movement dice, and you previously searched that area for traps, you discover a Secret Door in the nearest wall.

This all works for the original board, or a Variable Geometry Board.

Wandering Monsters:

You can use the Random Quest cards above to generate Wandering Monsters (a bit like Advanced Heroquest) just around the nearest corner. This happens on a D6 1-2 every time the board is clear of monsters at the end of the turn. This keep the Heroes moving. If there are 2 Hero teams, every team that cannot see a monster generates an Wandering Monster Check. Two teams cannot share one monster to get around this.

Variable difficulty  Random Quests:

There are 10 rooms to visit before an objective is possible. You can have a campaign where the first dungeon has 9 rooms, the second has 10, the third has 11 and so on. The Heroes will have brought better weapons, so this balances things out. You can also subtract 1 from the die roll that generates monsters, giving you more Monsters. If you have a levelling up houserule, this can give high level Heroes a more challenging time. Or  subtract 1 from the die roll, and have 8 rooms for a faster game.

Secret Level:

Whenever you find a secret door you also find a trapdoor to The Deeper Dungeon of Doom. You may immediately teleport your Heroes to the Deeper Dungeon, or stay where you are. The new Dungeon is exactly the same as the old one, but the monsters defend on white shields instead of black shields, and you get 50% more gold when you find any. If you find a secret door in the Deeper Dungeon, that will lead back to the original Dungeon.
So if you are low on health you won't go, but if the game seems to easy, well, dare you enter the Dungeon of Doom?
This keeps the challenge going, even when everybody has battleaxes and plate Armor.