Company slider cards for Panzerblitz, Panzer Leader, Arab-Israeli wars

Company card for tactical hex wargames. Three "platoon" counters with green stickers  form "Green Company".
Your average units don't need cards, they just act as per the rulebook. Specially good or bad units get a card to modify their capabilities.

Modern hex wargames often have extra rules to allow historically successful units to run rings around their opponents. The addition of sticker-coded formations, such as "Green Company" above can bring new life to an old game, without adding written rules.

Capability slider:
Unit: Color coded or numeric. (Write a number or letter on the sticker if you run out of colors)
Morale: Panzerblitz/Panzer Leader, remove "D" result on a D6 roll of 5 or less.
Def: Modifier for defense value on counter 
Atk: Modifier for attack value on counter (better ammo, or you don't like the number on the counter)
C3: If the counters are 2 or less hexes apart, they get some kind of bonus, such as Split Move and Fire. C3 means Command Control and Communications.
Order: (Move, Overwatch, Fire, Fire&Move (1 or 2 counters move, the rest may only fire, or Split Movement for all, if allowed). Set the order for turn 2 at the end of turn 1. This may be hidden from the other player, as in MBT, leading to interesting bluffing. Overwatch gives you Opportunity fire out to maximum range in Panzer Leader.

You could have sliders for:
Close Assault/Overrun die modifier

Company Step loss:
One point for a "D" result, 2 points for a "DD" result, if a company has 3 points, remove "D" or reduce "DD" results until points = 2, and subtract 1 from Def and Atk modifier. This can happen more than once per turn. 
Rationale: "unit  that  is  “dispersed”  is  assumed  to have taken 10 to 20 per cent casualties in  the  attack....a unit which is “double- dispersed” is assumed to have taken 20 to 40 per cent casualties in the current attack" - The Combat Results Table in the Dunnigan System
By Alan R. Arvold

Other things:
You can place homemade counters on the card, "Low on Ammo", "Shocked", "Ragin' Fury", whatever you like. Rather than placing markers on the counters.

You could have paper fastener (brad) dials, with WWII radio look graphics to them, if you want to go overboard. Some ideas:
Paper fastener

Paper fastener Dials

Paperclip Dials
Circular Slide rule, paper fastener in the middle