PanzerBlitz Rules Expansion

One page of simple rules to fix the usual PanzerBlitz/Panzer Leader gripes.

Obey all PanzerBlitz rules, except:

For all direct and indirect fire:
"Heavy Artillery" is defined as "Artillery/Rocket/Aircraft Rocket over 10 Attack Strength (AS)"
Heavy Artillery units have their AS halved.
Heavy Artillery units over 20 AS have their AS halved and +1 to the Die roll.
Heavy Artillery cannot be combined, it attacks all units in the hex, and a hex can only be attacked once per turn by Heavy Artillery.
Rocket Artillery fires only once per game, attacking target hex and all 6 adjacent hexes.
"M" and "H" under 11 may combine fire, and have their Attack Strength doubled against "I" units in the open.

Overrun loses the -2 DRM.

Fire against "A" targets cannot be combined unless the lines of fire go through different non-adjacent hex-sides on the target. This is called "Outflanking":
A maximum of 2 units can combine fire against an "A" target.

Terrain has no defensive benefits except on the table below:
Terrain Modifier DRMs, Direct and Indirect

Open Wood Town Slope
non-Armor 0 +2* +3 +1
Armor 0 0 +1 +1
Non-Armor units have no modifier in woods against H and (H) fire.
Terrain DRMs still add. Fort DFs are halved.

Improved Position Counters give a additional +1 or +2 DRM to any attack on units in the hex which have not moved in that turn. They are placed only at the start of the scenario, not in towns, by agreement of the players.

Spotting as per Panzer Leader, but with range limitations: 
SPOTTING Vehicle Artillery with 0 move Other
Fired/moved No fire/mov Fired/moved No fire/mov Fired/moved No fire/mov
Open 40 15 10 4 5 3
Wood/Town 10 2 5 1 2 1
Armoured cars, CPs, Scout/Recce/Security units can only be spotted at half range (round up) if they move only 1 hex.
CPs spot for Indirect Fire as per PanzerBlitz. Any non-"C" class unit can spot for Indirect Fire like a PanzerBlitz CP, but roll an additional D6, on a 5 or 6 the fire does not arrive.

Opportunity Fire as per Panzer Leader, but only need to move 1 hex in LOS. It is not Optional.

Airpower as per Panzer Leader, Air counters here.

Step loss: Units over 8 firepower get a -2 Attack Factor token for every "DD" result. Units  4-8 firepower get a -1 Attack Factor token for every "DD" result. Any unit that gets 3 tokens is instantly eliminated.

One armored unit may take part in each CAT attack, only if it could enter the hex. Same restrictions as an infantry unit. Soviets cannot do this before 1944.

Panzer Leader "Smoke Shell Concentrations" rules are to be used using unadjusted Attack Factors.

"C" units take an entire turn to load or unload artillery 88mm or larger.

Troop Quality: If the German player rolls a "6" they may always reroll.
Soviet units must roll a 4 or less on a D6 to remove each "D" or "DD" result, unless they are adjacent to a friendly unit.
1 page document form:
Comment: These rules err on the side of simplicity. The artillery rules encourage you to suppress the enemy position with artillery and armor, then CRT with infantry. A 3" mortar fires 200 lb of projectiles per minute, a 25pdr 125 lb per minute. Heavy Artillery is better against fortifications. The "A" target rules encourage you to outflank King Tigers with your T34's. Slopes are of little defensive advantage in reality. HE hitting trees produces splinters. Spotting lets you shoot things with 88's when they can't spot you outside 5 hexes. We may use the Security unit as the German Fusilier Recce unit. Driving your tank thru infantry doesn't automatically kill them all, so overruns are reduced. Step loss encourages you to retreat a unit that has taken heavy fire. Germans often used StugIIIs in infantry assaults. Smoke is vital. Wrecks cannot easily render terrain impassible. You can use Improved Positions as trenches or "hulldown" locations for your tanks. Rockets based on Jason Cawley's idea. You need to have smoke shells. Germans have better training. In Squad Leader, the Soviets had fewer leaders, so far-apart units where hard to rally.
For Advanced Rules try Company dice for Panzerblitz Panzer Leader