Star Trek Attack Wing - Torpedo Fix and Variable Shields

Now you can have full power to forward shields without much complexity. In addition, missiles can reload themselves every other turn for free. There are extended range torpedoes for torpedo boats, and cheaper photon torpedoes, so you can have most of your ships armed with torpedoes, just like in the real world. The original torpedoes were expensive, and needed one action point for a Target Lock, and a second point for a reload.

"All power to forward shields, then. Yes, forward shields. They won't try the same trick--" The rest of his sentence was cut off by the explosion of the enemy projectile. "Uhura?" "I've got something, sir...but it's very faint. I'm not sure it isn't some kind of static or feedback." "I'm sure," said Kirk. "Uhura, transfer data to the weapons console. Sulu, lock photon torpedoes on that frequency and fire." "Torpedoes away, sir," Then, at the lower periphery of the screen, came a burst of energy, followed by a stream of debris. "There! Lock phasers and fire!" "The ship appears to be gone, Captain," said Spock, peering into his scanner. "Did we hit her again?"

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