Been a long time since I did the stroll - Baldwin-Burns Buzz Around.

"The best fuzz-box to use is a Burn's Buzz-around which they discontinued making in England about six years ago." - Robert Fripp.
I haven't built a fuzzbox in 10 years, so here we go, 2 RCA trannies and a USAF tranny from Small Bear Electronics. I used the "compact" perfboard layout which is too compact really.
I have no 100k pots for the tone and gain knobs, I was pretty sure I had.
It does indeed do the Frippotronics infinite sustain thing, I have the fuzz preset on max and the tone on halfway. I could put it in a small box or a bigger box with bias controls. The USAF tranny needs to be leaky to self-bias, you could add a resistor to simulate leakage.
Work in progress, I will record a Frankotronics clip when it is finished, I need to order the 100k pots.
A useful mod would be a switch to disconnect the 4.7u cap in parallel with the 3k3 resistor to reduce the gain.

Ohhh, drug references...

Strange to go back ten years. But, still alive and well.

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