Space Crusade Imperial Fists upgrade

Normally, the Imperial Fists with a combi-weapon and Bolt Pistol is a weak squad.


The combi weapon has a "stun" effect when used as a plasma gun. If it is used against an enemy with an armor value less than 4, and the enemy survives, the enemy is "stunned" for the remainder of that Marine turn and any attacker may attack it with 1 white and 2 red dice in H2H, with any relevant equipment card bonus applied.


So the Commander and a bolter Marine can Tag Team against a Chaos Marine. The Plasma gun has a 58% chance of killing the Chaos Marine, a bolter Marine would then have a 73% of killing the stunned Chaos Marine. 83% with bolt pistol. The Power Sword and Glove would have a 73% chance of a win by itself, but you would have Force Field or Medi-Kit as an equipment card. And you use 2 attacks to get the effect.

So we are giving the entire squad a Power Sword/Glove under certain conditions, and that roughly makes up for the weakness of the combi-weapon.
This does make gameplay a little bit more interesting, and makes things slightly easier for the Marines.

Shinkwrap, still on the sprue.

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