Retro Additional Tank Rules

Optional Modern Armor rules for Minden Retro

1) Button up: Tanks are buttoned up, unless they have a "CE" (Crew Exposed counter, placed or removed at any time in the vehicle's Movement phase). If a tank is buttoned up and rolls doubles when firing, it did not fire. A buttoned up vehicle pays a movement cost of 1 on roads, rather than 1/2. A "CE" tank is vulnerable to infantry and ordnance fire with a +2 DRM on the IFT. Hulldown does not help. A "KIA" result forces the vehicle to move as quickly as possible offboard in the direction of its own lines each movement phase, since the crew are wounded.

2) Tank Leader: A vehicle gets zero or more "Tank Leader" counters. A vehicle may exchange 1 counter to reroll one die roll. This will either be on its attack roll or an attack roll against it. Most tanks get zero counters, a tank ace might get 2.

3) Turrets:
Rotating Turrets: Fast Turret tanks have a big white circle on the counter, Slow Turret Tanks have a big white square. There are no turret counters.
Fast turrets have no restrictions.
Normal turrets suffer a 3 column right shift on the Armor combat Table when firing to the rear.
Slow turrets suffer a 3 column right shift on the Armor combat Table when firing to the side or rear.
Hull MG don't rotate.

On the Armor Combat table use the caliber in cm (round up) as the "Diff" row, instead of the Gun Factor. Apply modifiers. If you get a "kill", that becomes a 36+ attack on the IFT instead.
Add -1 DRM per Tank Leader counter on the vehicle. Double caliber for full automatic cannon, such as Wirbelwind or Bradley.

5) Hulldown: A vehicle is "Hulldown" if line of sight goes thru a wall, and the firer does not have a height advantage. The scenario may allow only the defender a number "Wall" counters which simply add a permanent wall to a specified hexside, max one per hex, placed in the setup phase. If hulldown, and either attack roll die is a "6", the shot hits the wall harmlessly. Otherwise the vehicle is hit on the turret.

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