Retro Modern

Retro Modern

Modern Wargame rules for Minden's Retro, ASL, Squad Leader.

Retro Modern? Hey, I used to be in Military Intelligence, you get used to oxymorons. And those pesky East German models following you around.

Modern Armor rules for Retro

Retro Additional Tank Rules

Retro Modern New Rules

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You can use the Centurion as a drop in replacement for the Cromwell, ignore the "32h" HEAT value, no new rules, just alternate history.
Or make life more complicated......
The Leopard 1A1A1 Front turret armor 25, front hull 14, side 6. HEAT Front turret armor 40, front hull 14. No side HEAT value if it is less than 20, since the lowest HEAT Gun Factor is 30.


BMP-1 has a rocket gun with HEAT/HE only, and a2 column shift accuracy penalty. The Sagger ATGM has a range from 13-75 hexes, penetration 40, use the G Column on the Armor Combat Table at all ranges. You can't fire both at once. Sagger gives you about a 40% against an M60. The Marder Autocannon is great at stopping infantry in the open, but it really needs the ATGM against other vehicles.

NATO gets M-735 105mm tungsten APFSDS with Gun Factor 33 in 1978, replacing the "29" value. In 1981, M774, Gun Factor 42.

The history is interesting, the T-62 is a match for the Centurion and M60, then the Chieftain outclasses the T-62 in 1966 as the T-64 arrives, then T-64/T-72 outclasses the M60 until the Abrams arrives in 1980, and the Abrams M1A1 in 1986.  
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