Advanced HeroQuest Simplifications for Beginners


Advanced HeroQuest is fairly complicated, so it good to have a simplified version of the rules for the first couple of Quests. The Cheat Sheet ruleset and table-free combat give a game only a little more complicated than HeroQuest, but you can add the full rulebook as desired.

Simpler Rules

Use only the rules mentioned in the Cheat Sheet. You may have to read the main rulebook for clarification a few times.

Combat with fewer tables

A simple system for Advanced HeroQuest combat without looking up reference tables. Almost as easy for beginners as the original HeroQuest.

Here is a simplified Advanced HeroQuest combat table:
Instead of looking up Target WS -> Hit roll, simply use the Target WS as the hit roll. Add 1 if the Attacker has a higher WS than the target, subtract 1 if the Attacker has a lower WS than the target. This is much the same as the table.
AHQ Reforged says if D12 + Attacker_WS - 7 >= Defender_WS, then you have a hit. This is much better.
Update: If the difference in WS + D12 >= 6 it is a hit.
Range is the Hit roll at Range 1-3 for ranged combat. Range 4-12 is 1 more than this.
A "*" means special rules, look up the manual.
The Columns are in left to right order: Roll for WS, Roll Damage Dice, check against Toughness, adjust wounds.

This is all you need most of the time. You can put a sticker on the miniature base with the numbers on it, no need to look anything up:
Standups with numbers:

Between Expeditions

1. Discard unused dungeon counters (except character monster
2.  Recover Fate Points and Wounds.
3- Gain Fate Points for recovered Quest Treasures.
4.  Divide up other treasure.
5. Pay Henchmen and cost of living expenses.
6.  Roll for random events.
7. Spend gold on training, equipment, spells and spell
8.  Attract or hire new Henchmen
9.  Embark on next expedition.

No Sergeants.

First Expeditions

You probably have to clear the first room, leave the dungeon to buy spell components, and go back into the dungeon. For first time players, you might want to start with 8 spell components and 12 arrows.