Duct taped Bicycle prototypical accessories, now with Black Ops inside!

I don't have a 3D printer, but they say Duct Tape and Cardboard Might Be a Better Option than a 3D Printer. 3D printers are copy and paste, real men use scissors, tape and wiley ingenuity.

Here is my cardboard and duct tape bicycle chain guard:
 Functional requirements:
  • protect trousers from chain
  • reduce upward splash from chain
  • allow easy access to the rear cog set and chain
  • not fall apart on the road

It is under-engineered, or 'minimalist'. But I quote:

"Contrary to popular belief, minimalism is about finding balance in your life not adhering to someone's else's set standard of how many items you should own or how you should organize and design your environment. It's a mindset that should allow you to pursue pleasure in life — within reason."

I submit that although isn't all about Asceticism, it is partly about duct tape. Here is the next build iteration, with extra stability and Black Ops stealth tape:

A stealth chain guard to go with my stealth kettle ("We searched for this product high and low," of course you did). It survived the trip to NoFrills, so testing is complete.

A Sharpie pen stuck in the handlebars with a blind spot mirror attached with Scotch tape:

It works, but the cars are a bit small. I will write "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear" on the glass as soon as I find my Sharpie.

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