BBs, ball bearings, superglue and Bicycle Theft

Anti-theft hex nuts:

The headset on a bicycle holds the handlebars on and is usually held on by a hex key, so anyone can remove it and steal your handlebars. Some people suggest that you superglue in a ball bearing or BB pellet to make it impossible for a thief to remove:
This works so well that even you will have a hard time removing it, should you need to. Leaving you in a sticky situation, I'll wager.

An even more extreme solution is to fill the nut with JB Weld steel epoxy. This way it will be almost impossible for you to remove it when you want to, but super secure:
Only the top 10% is filled with JB Weld!
But... in the picture above 90% of the space is filled with aluminium foil, and only the top 10% filled with JB Weld. So you can get the small amount of epoxy out, and the foil comes out with a toothpick. But it looks like a permanent seal, and will resist casual poking with a screwdriver. This works on the seat nuts too, make sure they are super tight before you do this. Security through a cunning facade. 
To remove, I would drill a 5mm hole in the center of the epoxy, and flake off the remainder with a screwdriver.

I engraved my driving licence number on the frame too, with a Dremel mototool. It is very obvious.

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