Solo/Co-op Space Crusade with a computer opponent

Here is an online Program that allows you to play the board game Space Crusade alone, or co-op against the game.

Program Introduction

This program allows you to play the board game Space Crusade solo or cooperatively against the game itself. Here's how to use the program:

  • Run: Start the game.
  • Stop: End the game.
  • Fork this: Create your own copy to modify (for example, to edit for an Eldar opponent).

During gameplay, you'll use the "Paper rules" in conjunction with the program. There are also optional "Lurking" rules you may choose to follow.

Every turn, press "R" for room or "C" for corridor. The points value for revealed Aliens is displayed. Subtract surviving Aliens at game end, obviously.

My Homemade version

Concept by Ninjadorg (table concept), Usagi3 (translation, rules, additions in the tables). I don't know these people, I will replace the rules if anyone objects. Translated from French by moi.

Paper Rules:

Game Setup

  1. Create a Squad: Follow the ordinary rules to assemble your squad.
  2. Choose a Mission: Select a mission or draw one from the available options.
  3. Gameplay Exceptions: Play the game as usual, but with the following changes:


  • Event Cards: Draw an event card every turn to keep track of the 28 turns, but ignore them. If the program tells you to 'draw Event card' draw a card at random from the Event deck discard pile. Any card or rule that mentions 'blips' does nothing.
    • Play only 28 turns maximum, using Alien Event cards merely to keep track.
  • Blips Replacement: Blips are not used; they are replaced by tables.
  • Reinforcements:
    • If no aliens are on the board at the end of the Marines' turn, roll a red die.
    • On a 3, press Enter and use the current Room result. Place creatures in the nearest previously explored empty room, out of the Marines' sight (even if they are Genestealers).
    • Reinforcements do not play during the turn they appear.
  • Scoring:
    • No points for Strangers.

Specific Game Rules

a) Scenarios:

  • Use missions from the Book of Missions or aim to completely clear the board.
  • Any unresolved objectives will be in the last unexplored room.
    The program will display "Primary objective found" "Secondary objective found" messages. Place the objective wherever you like within LOS of a non-Alien unit.

b) Placement of Monsters and Strangers:

  • Monsters are placed as far from the Marines as possible, except Genestealers, which are placed in contact with a randomly determined Marine.
  • Discovered Strangers are placed similarly; if the room is large, arrange the monsters one cell away from each other. Strangers are considered Marines.

c) Difficulty:

A force of 2 Marine squads is probably easiest, use normal difficulty or hard. 1 or 3 squads, easy or normal. Optionally, resolve the event cards each turn, but play on an easier mode.

Monster Behavior

  • Orks: Move and shoot towards the nearest target; they only attack the Sergeant if he's the only visible Marine.
  • Chaos Marines: Attack the nearest, least armored target from a distance; the heavy weapon-wielder tries to hit multiple targets.
  • Chaos Commander: Attacks the nearest, least armored target from a distance, breaking melee combat to fire.
  • Dreadnought: Attacks the nearest target from a distance and goes into close combat if all heavy ranged weapons are destroyed.
  • Android: Attacks the nearest, least armored target from a distance.
  • Genestealer: Always hand to hand; moves towards the nearest target if not in contact.
  • Grechin: Attacks the nearest, least armored target from a distance, breaking melee combat to fire.

My optional rule:


A Blip Group is whatever new Aliens get activated this turn.

The alien miniatures are either moving to contact, shooting, engaging in Hand-to-Hand combat, or "Lurking" around a corner.

At any time, if no member of a Blip Group can see an enemy, but one Blip group member is about to move into a square that can be seen by a Marine, the Alien player rolls a red die. If the result is zero, the Alien stops moving, and the other member of the Blip group will move as close as possible to the enemy without being seen. They are all "Lurking" until an enemy spots one of them. Then they are in normal attack mode.

At the start of each turn roll a red die for each Blip group. A '3' converts them to normal attack mode for the rest of the game.

If it is possible that a Blip Group may be attacked by a Missile Launcher or Plasma Gun, Lurking Aliens should stay one square apart.

Lurking allows the Blip Group to concentrate for the attack, but the Marine player approaching the corner knows they may charge at any moment.

And here is simple version of the program based on Ninjadorg original tables, the version above is probably better.

Program Notes: On Easy Mode there is a maximum of 1 Dreadnought, with more empty rooms and corridors. On Hard fewer empty rooms and corridors.

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