Deck Box Dungeons to Warhammer Quest

A spreadsheet to convert WHQ characters into DBD characters.

WHQ to Deck Box Dungeon Spreadsheet 

Some people would like more enemies, more treasure items, traps and so on.
If you print out snivmaster's Warhammer Quest expansion using Massive Darkness/Warhammer Quest cards, you can adapt them to Deck Box Dungeons. Some flexibility is required. You could just use the store cards, for example. The card size doesn't need to match DBD.

The Massive Darkness/Warhammer Quest treasure cards can be used to set up an extra merchant, 1 DBD treasure = 50 gold (you don't get change). You deal 3 cards at a time, in addition to the 3 DBD cards, Heroes may shop at both stores, so it is easier to get a health potion when you need it.

Between Quests
There are End of Quest Bandages, Provisions, Waybread, stonebread, Firebomb, Temple, each hero gets a random 1 or 2 tokens between quests to support a "Campaign".

The Massive Darkness/Warhammer Quest enemy cards can be used, there are separate cards with enemy special abilities such as "Ambush". They use a different system of attributes which need to be translated into DBD stats. You can play existing quests by using a band of new enemies you consider equivalent to the old enemies.

Optional new enemy system
You can use the DBD system (see "Health" below), or get some extra dice off Aliexpress 30PCS 12mm D6 Acrylic Resin Dice.
I bought 25 coloured D6, allowing 1-6 hitpoints for each enemy. This gives me an enemy type for each color, I place one die on the enemy card as a reference, the other 4 can go into the dungeon as enemies. Since you have 25 enemies, you can use a party of four heroes, using D10s for treasure/health/energy.
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The first person to explore a room rolls a D6, a 1 or a 2 indicates a Trap, if a Dexterity test fails, draw a trap card which takes effect.

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