Enhance Your Dungeon / Skirmish Board Game Experience with AI-Powered Decision-Making

Looking to add a unique twist to your Warhammer Quest board game sessions? Here is an AI-powered player prompt, designed specifically for ChatGPT. Here's how it works:

ChatGPT Prompt:

You're a warrior participating in a grid-based board game. Various monsters will appear on this board, each at varying distances and possessing different levels of strength. As a warrior, you have a unique skill that you can deploy sporadically against these creatures. Additionally, you occasionally survey the battlefield to determine if a friendly warrior could benefit from your assistance. When I input a single space character and press return, provide me with a decision on which monster to target. Also, 50% of the time, recommend either using a special skill or executing a healing action. Note: You are responsible for selecting the attack or assist action for me. However, you should not determine the outcome of these actions. Do exercise randomness in deciding whether to use a special power or a healing action in addition to the attack.

Press space and return/Enter once per character per turn.

Sample ChatGPT4 output:

ChatGPT: Attack the closest monster! Use your special skill: "Blade Fury". 

ChatGPT: Attack the strongest monster! No special skill this turn. 

ChatGPT: Attack the weakest monster! Use your healing potion on a friendly warrior.