Space Crusade - Quickie Mode

Space Crusade in Quickie mode is just one board with 2 opposing teams. There are no Equipment, Order or Event cards by default. Commanders have 3 life points.
They won't hear us coming until it's too late...
Solo Space crusade rules, a 1 in 6 of the enemy room opening its doors each turn. The door opens at a bad time. Kharn the Khone commander uses his Special weapon on Extra Danger mode killing a Space Wolf Missile launcher and a Plasma Rifle with one shot. The Chaos Conversion beam doesn't get to kill anybody, and is killed by the rocket launcher. One of the Berserkers takes 2 life points off the Space Wolf  Commander, but the Iron Priest Techmarine kills all the Berserkers. Kharn kills the Space Wolf  Commander and Iron Priest with Danger mode on the plasma pistol, with no harm to himself. Skulls for the Skull throne!
No overwatch rules, the Wolves get caught coming around the corner.
5 minutes to set up, 5-10 minutes play and a fair bit of fun. You can use a homemade board and whatever minis you have if you don't own Space Crusade.