Space Crusade - Squad Stances

Stance cards give the players tactical options, producing more thoughtful gameplay.
The card is placed face down beside a Space Marine squad at the end of the player turn, and is turned over at the start of the next player turn. So you have to decide your stance one turn in advance.
  • Caution: Move is limited to 3 spaces, the first miniature to be attacked gets to reroll 1 enemy attack die.
  • Reckless: Move is increased by 3 spaces, the first 2 miniatures to be attacked each suffer an attacker reroll.
  • Command: Move is limited to 3 spaces, 1 miniature gets an attack reroll and one miniature gets a defend reroll if they are within 1 space (diagonal OK) of their Commander. The Commander may use the reroll, 1 miniature may take boths rerolls.
  • Phalanx: None may move, the first 2 miniatures to be attacked each get to reroll 1 enemy attack die. 
Rerolls can be for shooting or Hand to Hand Combat. The player who rerolls may elect not to reroll.
The Alien player gets a Stance Card for each color group of his miniatures.
Only 1 Marine Stance Card and 1 Alien Stance Card may be in play at any one time, the Marine players must take turns.

The big tactical strategy in Space Crusade is to have 5 guys attacking 2 guys. "Phalanx" gives the 2 guys a chance. And now you have Reckless Dreadnoughts lurching across the battlefield, and the Chaos Commander actually commanding his marines.

I got the idea from Level 7 Omega Protocol, which should arrive in the mail next Monday. It does seem to be a 21st Century Space Crusade.

For H2H (modified by from a question by Paul Dale)